After scarring in Nice Marseille refuses to recycling game progress

Again and again items were thrown on the field during the game, but a quarter of an hour before the end of the game, Nice led 1: 0, the situation finally escalated after Dimitri Payet was hit by a bottle. The national player went short to the ground, grabbed the bottle and threw her completely upset back into the block of chaotes. Other teammates joined Payet. As a result, there were players and rioters storming the place to wild clashes and battles on the field. There should probably even have hurt some players from Marseille.

President of bodyguards separated

But not only the players were except. Marseilles coach Jorge Sampaoli had to be captured and reassured by several people, so much cooked up his emotions. Even in the presidential lodge, it was apparently hot. According to news agency AFP, the two club chefs should be joined together. They grabbed each other on the collar, the bodyguard had to separate them, a witness to the scene said.

Marseille refused to continue the game

All calming experiments of official helped in the episode nothing more. After an hour’s interruption, the game was broken off after the Marseille players refused to return to the playing field, while Nice was ready to continue playing. The game could have been continued, said OGC President Jean-Pierre Rivere, I am convinced that it would ran very well. Unfortunately, Marseille did not want to continue the game.

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Via Twitter, OM President Pablo Longoria justified the refusal against the continuation of the game, although the league had probably urged. We have decided not to continue the game for the safety of our players, Longoria said the sender RMC Sports. What happened today is completely unacceptable. It must be a precedent for the French football .

Criticism of French League

Longoria criticized the French league, which has arranged a continuation of the game for reasons of public order. This is unacceptable, emphasized the clubsfoot and called this as reason why the team returned to Marseille. The referee was on our side, his decision was to interrupt the game, said Longoria.

Benoit Payan, mayor of Marseille, also supported the decision. Injured players, poor safety precautions. A sad decision, but the game was not allowed to get back again. I’m proud of my team, which did not get involved in this charade, he wrote on Twitter.

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