Saints Row in Preview A fresh start for the former GTA

How did the trip to Saint’s Row 4 looked out, asks Jim Boone, Chief Officer at Deep Silver Valliction. He answered shortly thereafter: We were always jokingly called that you’ve made it in the series from the crackhouse to Penthouse in White House. And spoiler: At the end of Saint’s Row 4 you are the ruler of the galaxy. And we were even in hell. Where should it go from here?

That’s why now follows a complete reboot of the Saint’s Row series – no successor, no spin-off! With that on February 25, 2022 for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S Action Game wants to put Volition back to your own roots and something new and at the same time contemporary on the legs. However, the idiosyncratic humor maintains Saint’s Row and leads to the Weird West for this purpose.

A new game world

Saint’s Row plays in the fictitious city of Santo Ileso in the American southwest. But between glittering neon reclamations, magnificent resources and tremendous office buildings immensely threatens. Because on the streets the band war rages between three rival groupings.

The Los Panteros are the hard dogs in the bundle. You are the oldest faction in Santo Ileso and have entered into an old factory building. In combat, they put on heavy weapons, but especially on muscle power. In the Gameplay demo, their clubs swap only too much a suggestion hammer. The exact opposite are the troops of Marshall Defense Industries.

This private army relies on state-of-the-art warfare such as laser traps and other gaming. Marshall Defense Industries belongs to the financial district of the city. And then there would be the idols: they wear bright neon colors and are something like the anarchists in the bundle. They always immerse themselves in large numbers and overwhelm their enemies. Idols live in Upper Santo Ileso.

The city consists of a total of nine districts to fight the gangs. Each area has its own peculiarities such as the Casino district of El Dorado, which is reminiscent of Las Vegas, or the addressed financial district, from whose skyscrapers you can jump with Wingsuits. Volition emphasizes in the presentation that you would like to create a very own scenery with creative locations and sights in connection with the setting of the American southwest.

Friends become Saints

But what story tells Saint’s Row now? Quite simply: You want to tear Santo Ileso yourself under the nail. Your character is used with the commercial construction kit and decides on all the important properties of the virtual gangster boss.

But who wants to govern the underworld, of course, needs the right crew for this operation: the saints. In the Gangster adventure you drum together three friends. There would be a Nina, the driver. She worked as a mechanic for the panteros, but had to work for someone. She wants to build something his own at the Saints. Eli is the planner of the group. He is about money and big shops. At the conception of the Saints, it was important to him that the Saints is more than just a simple gait.

Last but not least, Kevin was still Kevin, who is still a member of the idols for a long time. Kevin is looking for the risk, but also likes to take care of the well-being of his family and quickly determines where his priorities in Things are Santo Ileso. So we have a clique that says about the established gangs and found the saints!

Building an empire

You conquer the city district of the district and releases building ground and equipment. You decide which buildings are built here and what criminal businesses are handled. Your business model affects Santo Ileso. So you can build an industrial waste plant in the middle of the financial district … but then also live with the consequences. Like this look, was not executed.

For example, in the presentation, they announced divisions such as a Fast Food Drug Curiology Service, Weapon Smarb gel or car theft. At the same time, however, one also promised a Saint’s Row thwest and showed like a colorful hotdog car in wind ropes through the streets. Some concepts known from the predecessors also return to a questionable hospital and insurance fraud.

Over time, not only your influence area is growing, but also your gear. During the course, new members are added, which then enters you in your headquarters.

fights, stunts and much more …

In his core, the new Saint’s Row connects third-person action with the sandbox concept in an open game world. In the gameplay excerpts, we kept watching the boss in heated fire habits and painted enemies with shotguns, machine guns, pistols and other weapons. The pixel blood also splashed litment here.

In your playing time, your experience points collects your help your new active and passive talent unlocks and activates. However, there was no effective information on the depth of the character system yet. Very important: Saint’s Row owns a two-player coop mode so that you can also tackle the campaign and other missions together.

To do this, genre-type table expect a lot of co-missions and vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, helicopters, hoverbikes, go-karts, hoverboards, boats and much more. Apparently, the sandbox gameplay also stands stunts and races an important role.

Volition builds Saint’s Row based on a new, yet nameless and not further specified graphic engine. However, volition emphasizes that you want to put a tremendous varied game world on the legs and that the action should be satisfactory, especially the action. As proof, we observe how a truck with lots of roar and surrounding individual parts milled by fences and other objects. The Ragdoll model is observed as the own character character like a ping-pong ball is thrown through the air with a traffic accident through the air and at the end of a tank grade goes up.

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