Update Saints Row New game on the GamesCom announced

Saints Row returns 2022. The new game is an absolute reboot with the biggest game world of the series so far.

Update from 26.08.2021: The GamesCom Opening Night Live was opened last night with the announcement of Saints Row. As Deep Silver has previously indicated, it is a complete reboot, which has nothing to do with the predecessors, therefore also the simple name. You create yourself as in the old parts of your own character and is based on your friends Neenah, Kevin and Eli the Saints. As such, her trying to grasp in the underworld of the fictitious city of Santo Ileso foot and of course reach the top of the underworld. Three other gangs are in the way: the Los Panteros, Idols and Marshalls.

Developer Vartion promises the biggest game world that you have explored within the Saints Row series. Santo Ileso consists of nine districts and additionally the desert is open, which surrounds the city. In addition to the blockbuster missions of the main story, there should be a lot of things in addition to doing. The makers designate Saints Row as a sandbox. You can conquer Santo Ileso block for block and leads war to the other gangs.

As a real gangster with big ambitions, of course, you need a rich weapon poor. Saints Row is not intended to provide stirring and both acquaintances and exotic weapons, whatever the latter should be called. The series is well known for wet killing tools, just think of the DUBSTEP cannon from Part 4. In addition, the reboot also offers many different vehicles: cars, motorcycles, aircraft, helicopters, vtols, hoverbikes and boards, go-karts And a wingsuit. Your character should be able to adapt even more to your taste than in the predecessors and you can play the entire campaign with a friend in the coop.

Although Deep Silver and Volition has not yet shown anything from the actual game, there is already a concrete release date: On February 25, Saints Row is intended for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and on the PC exclusively in the Epic Games Store appear. Speaking of: In that shop, the Remaster from Saints Row: The Third to the zero tariff is available until next Thursday.

Original message from 23.08.2021: For the first time, a first indication of another title of the Saints Row series appeared in a financial report of the Embracer Group, the parent company behind Publisher Deep Silver, in August 2019. But there were no further details at the time. It should finally be more information soon. On the Gamescom 2021 a new title of the series is presented. Geoff Keighley, moderator and initiator of the Opening Night Live, has dropped a corresponding tweet and the brand’s official website has been revised. Concrete information is still in short supply, but both in the Tweet and on the website, the word rebooting can be read in large letters.

These hints suggest that developers works volition on a reboot of the series that is revealed in a few days. In addition, more tags, such as Keep it Strange, are recognized as graffiti on the picture on the website. Obviously, we are looking forward to a very tanted action game and who the old parts, who knows that the developers are not embarrassed for absurd quantities. What will we wait for a dildokeule and Dubstep cannon? Maybe a Tiktok Tazer?

5 Days Until @Gamescom #openingNightLive on wednesday.

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See You live, Wednesday at 11 am Pt / 2 PM ET / 7 PM BST / 8 PM CEST at https://t.co/fjodbkd0sn pic.twitter.com/6ze974hw0q

  • Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeignhley) August 20, 2021

In a few days, more precisely Wednesday night, we will probably know more. Then the new Saints Row will officially be presented live during the Opening Night.

Now to the website of Saints Row!

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