Today August 25 is a list of anniversary programs and free awards available

The program associated with August 20 Free Fire Fourth Anniversary Celebration made its place in the Battle Royal Title. Players have a chance to try hands on various awards now, in which a. Also included Character, a bundle, and many skins, other than other things.

In the calendar, the developers have specified the dates of each event. Here are all those who are currently running and their awards.

Fourth anniversary program and their award of all running free fire

Fourth Anniversary Party

There are several sub-incidents inside the fourth anniversary party. Here are those who are currently running:

Memory Jigsaw

Memory Jigsaw is one of those events that have started, and the user can get Amplified Bassorock costume bundle and many other gifts from it. To get the item, they have to complete four segments of the puzzle.

Memory Album

In this new event, players will have to draw pictures with 15 specified characters in annual party game mode. Upon completion of this task, they will receive grenades – thrash goals.

Royal Piece

In order to receive the award in Fragent Royale, Gamers need to make spin using an indiversary dynamic token. Every time, they will receive a random reward, including other things including Rhind Fragraments (Memory Jigsaw) and Special Surfboard Skin – Disc Hover –

Anniversary Quiz

Free Fire is necessary to answer a new question each day in the fourth anniversary quiz. Each correct answer will give them a random reward.

Apart from this, there are many milestone rewards that can meet users to answer the correct number of questions.

Lone Wolf Play

Playing gamers will receive the following items in 1V1 or 2V2 options in 1v1 or 2V2 options in Loan Wolf mode.

  • Three Match: 1x Weapon Royale Voucher and Anniversary Dyewear Token
  • Five Games: 1x Diamond Royal Vouchers and Anniversary Dynamic Tokens
  • Ten Round: 1x incubator voucher and anniversary dynamic token

Login Award

Login Rewards started a few days ago i.e. on August 23. Here are various awards which can get the events only by logging in:

Three days: Bright Lights Avatar
* Five Days: Turn Up Banner
* Seven Days: Throw Metallic Backpack

Therefore, if they have logged in in Free Fire in the last two days, they can claim Bright Lights Avatar today.

Get Upgrade CS Voucher

Players can get Clash Squad Cup Upgrade Voucher by exchangeing Anniversary Red Token in this event. They can collect the token by completing the daily mission.

Note: Redempation will start from August 28, but the user can now submit token for it.

Gaming Ora Free Fire Max discloses the date of the pre-registration release. Check here!

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