Gamer considered RTX 3080 to buy for 1100 euros but how much is a GPU really worth

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A user wants to buy a RTX 3080 for a lot of money, but other gamers are unsein if that was not too expensive. How much should you be ready to output for a graphics card?

If you want to play reasonably reasonable or at least want to buy a new graphics card, currently not good luck, because graphics cards are either not available or very expensive. And if you think Nvidia, the prices will remain so high until 2022 and we will have to pay high prices in the coming year.

That’s happened now: A user has thought about Reddit, whether he should buy a GeForce RTX 3080 for $ 1300 (around 1,100 euros).

Although prices are lower than a few months ago, when they could pay still 1500 euros for an RTX 3080, but still well above the official UVIDIA, which lies at 729 euros.

In his post asks the thread starter, whether 1300 US dollars for a graphics card is okay: he himself had not bought a graphics card for ages and now is not sure if the graphics card is worthy of money.

The community is arguing about whether an RTX 3080 is so much money

This is the reaction: The answers are very different and show once clearly how controversial the prices for the graphics cards are:

This is how a user writes (via

The prices for graphics cards are now as high as never before. If you are wealthy, then the [the price] probably does not matter. Otherwise, you’re probably better off if you are just waiting.

Others are the contradictory opinion that are just as wrong as the current prices pay (via

Wait for it. Almost I got a 3080 when she came out, but I did not bought her because I thought I would get her for $ 100 over the EIA. 3080s were at 800 and 3090s were 1400.

One year later you can not find anything and I saw a 3080Ti at Amazon for 1600, so I took them. This crap will not be better in the near future.

What is the overall picture in the community? Overall, players’ play is split when it comes to graphics card prices. Because nobody is really sure if the prices are okay, you should buy directly or have to wait:

  • The one say, 1300 euros is far too expensive for an RTX 3080, after all, he must pay more than twice the non-binding price recommendation.
  • The others say the prices will continue to stay so high. If you were waiting for any longer, then the prices could be even higher in one month.
  • A third group explains that graphics cards have become luxury to a form. That could afford only anyone who has more than enough money anyway.

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It is only clear that it is not clear how long the prices for graphics cards and other entertainment products will remain so high.

It is questionable how long the prices for graphics cards remain so high.

This is the current situation: Graphics cards are partly so desirably that GPUs are sold for thousands of euros on eBay. Thus, the sellers attract the anger of a few who do not want to participate this situation.

Nevertheless, current is currently not foreseeable how long the prices for graphics cards and other electrical appliances such as game consoles remain so high. The defect according to an important component for electrical appliances is still large and relates to different production areas.

For greedy scalers, the expensive graphics cards remain at least a good deal when you believe the numbers believe. Because with the RTX 3000 series of NVIDIA, Scalper should have made more than 15 million US dollars profit:

Fine Scalper buy you RTX 3000 cards away – make 15.2 million $ profit

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