According to allegations Werder changes list for choice of supervisory board choice

As the club announced on his website, the previous candidate Oliver R. Harms was deleted from the list. Reason for the deletion were allegations against club information against Harms, which after the publication of the suggestion list on 23 August had appeared and doubt the identification of Harms’ with the Werder values.

On Thursday evening, Harms adopted the allegations before the election committee. Unfortunately, Mr Harms could not sufficiently explain that these failed doubts have been completely unfounded to his suitability. That’s why we decided to delete him from the list, says Peter Eilers, Chairman of the electoral committee, on the Werder Website quotes.

Werder enters his own self-image for a colorful, diverse society and promotes respect for all people, regardless of gender, descent, skin color, origin, belief, social position or sexual identity. As Eilers emphasized, there is no scope for this, that with a club like Werder Bremen all selectable candidate: within 100 percent behind the social, man-friendly attitude of the association must stand.

Instead of Harms, Ulrike Hiller moved to the seven persons comprehensive suggestion list. Hiller had taken the first reverse place on the replacement candidate list. The seven candidates apply on Sunday by four free places in the STh -Phone Supervisory Board.

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