How to Get New Rogue Lava MP5 Skin

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The gun’s skins have become an essential component. Since some have increased the statistics, thereby helping players keep upper hands on the battlefield. From time to time, Garena is adding new to the skins, expanding the number of options for users, up to Battle Royal.

An incubator is one of those methods that they can use to get gun skins and costume bundles. Today, a new incubator – MP5 Fatal Snarl – made its place in the game, and it offers four special skins, including Rogue Lava for MP5.

Guide to Get New Wicked Lava MP5 Skin in Free Fire

As mentioned above, the new incubator has begun today in Free Fire. In this event, players should spin and collect and collect Blueprints: Falling and Evolution Stone token in specific numbers to redeem gun skins.

In each spin, the cost of participants in each spin is 40 diamonds, and the price of five spins is 180 diamonds.

The exact details listed below are the users who need to claim the skin of each gun in the deadly emergency incubator:

1) MP5 Rogue Lava , Exchange 3x Bloprint: Deadly Northern + 7X Evolution Stones

2) MP5 Frozen Lava , Exchange 2x Bloprint: Deadly Nine + 5x Evolution Stones

3) MP5 Meta Lava , Exchange 2x Bloprint: Deadly Northern + 4x Evolution Stones

4) For MP5 Jungle Lava , Exchange 1X Bloprint: Deadly Nine + 3x Evolution Stones

Therefore, to redeem the wicked lava MP5 skin, players will need 3 blueprint and 7 evolution stone tokens.

Steps to reach the incubator and claim gun skins

Step 1: After opening the free fire on your device by gamers, they will have to tap on the Luck Royal icon on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: After this, they should choose the Incubator tab and select the required number that they want to make.

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Step 3: Once the user receives a sufficient number token, they can click on the Enter option, where they can redeem skins.

Step 4: Finally, they can choose the evil lava MP5 skin and suppress the Exchange option.

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