How to get smithing stones and repair weapons in Fire Emblem Cindered Shadows

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Repairing your weapons works a little differently in Cindered Shadows than in the main fire emblem: three houses campaign. To repair your weapons, you will need gold and forge stones. You can also use smithing stones to forge weapons at the blacksmith.

Whenever you finish a battle, you will get 20 Smithing Stones , which allows you to easily repair weapons whose durability has been reduced during the fight. To repair your weapons, head to the blacksmith that is indicated on the map by a hammer icon. Interact with it and select Repair, then choose the character you want to repair the weapon. Click on the weapon and bottom of the screen will show you the cost in Smithing Stones and Gold. This will vary from one weave to the other, depending on the lost sustainability and the type of weapon.

The only weapon you do not need to repair in this way is the sword of the kickleth creator. This will automatically recover charges after each battle. You will not need to repair all your weapons after each battle, just those that have taken too much blows to their durability to be useful in the next combat.

If you find rusty weapons, you can also use smithing stones in the blacksmith to improve and put them back in combat conditions. You can find a rusty sword in the store where Ashe explores at the beginning of the game.

Remember, while the DLC Cindered Shadows contains a campaign that you play separately from the main game, you can always recruit the Ashen Wolves in your other parts of _fire emblem: three houses.

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