Two person cooperative play correspondence action RPG Young Souls Released this fall for overseas

The Arcade Crew announced that the Action RPG Young Souls developed by 1P2P will be released this fall, and the Bost Railer has been released.

This work is a classic 2D horizontal scroll action and a work that is said to be a fusion type of the action RPG that is fulfilling the story.

The player will be a JENN or TRISTAN of orphans, and I will challenge the scientists who have been taking care of them taking over their own.

In addition to single play, we also support local cooperative play. In Steam, online cooperative play using Remote Play Together is also possible with REMOTE PLAY TOGETHER.

Upgradeable armors are also provided with a few hundred types, armor sets and appearance, and the dungeon to be captured is several tens, and the boss lurking in the region of Goblin is more than 20 and 4 difficulty is the difficulty level. . It is believed to get a reward to meet tough fights.

In addition, with the characteristic of going back and forth in the two worlds, while adventurizing dangerous dungeons, there is also a state in the city with the gym to raise the ability value and the shop where it can be bought. It seems that any events affecting the character and destiny of the main character in both worlds are waiting.

Young Souls that seems to be able to enjoy hot fights with a strong enemy is for PC (STeam) / PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendose switch, and will be released this fall for overseas.

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