Stardew Valley Maybe no further updates to indie

One of the biggest surprise hits of recent years is undoubtedly Stardew Valley belonged to the independent developer Eric Barone Alias ​​Concernedape.

After Stardew Valley has been considered in recent years with new content and features, the support of the indie hits could slowly but certainly come to an end. How to confirm barones in a call to Twitch is currently still in the stars, whether Stardew Valley is supported with further updates. For the time being, Barone wants to focus on his new projects according to their own statements.

New marriage-winning NPCs have given the developers from various challenges

I’m not saying that there will be another Stardew Valley Update, said Barone. I do not even know at this time. At the moment I concentrate on my next game. So, we’ll see. In the further course of the conversation, Barone also went to the decision to incorporate any other marriage-willing characters.

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Let's Talk About The Stardew Valley Community

That’s the main reason why I have not added more people, complemented barons. To have someone as a marriage candidate, I have to add many dialogues and at least two more events. And these events take a lot of time a lot. There are a lot of other things – you have to place the spouses. It’s just a lot behind it. That’s why I have not just added further marriage candidates.

Stardew Valley was released for almost all relevant systems and sold more than ten million times worldwide.

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