FC Barcelona coach Koeman About President Laporta Angry and injured

FC Barcelona’s coach Ronald Koeman has been shown to be disappointed by the public criticism of President Joan Laporta after the weak past season. In addition, he talked about the departure of Lionel Messi.

I admit that I was angry and injured. I found that he was lacking in respect, said the Dutch in the interview with the Spanish newspapers Sport and mundo deportivo.

In the summer, the Barca-responsible Koeman had held over several days before a decision was made about his future.

For the backing, which he has received in the younger past, Koeman be grateful. He did well and did not leave a doubt about the coach, so it must be, the 58-year-old explained and pushed to: Everything depends on the results, that’s the way for every coach.

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Laporta had broken a lance for the coach last Tuesday at the Catalan Sportsender esport3: I like Koeman. (…) I talked to Koeman and he has my support, my confidence and my respect, like all coaches. The model of Johan (Cruyff; Note d. Red.) Is not negotiable, and Koeman’s Cruyffismo is out of the question, but everyone fits it in his own way.

In the course of Laporta’s words, Koeman also realized that a contract extension of his until summer 2022 working paper would fail to fail. That would like me, he said with the idea of ​​expansion of his contract and led out: I’m always open to listen to things and would like to stay for many years of Barca coaches, despite the difficult moments. I am mentally strong, But need support from the club. Therefore, it was very important by the President that he clarified things to make everyone knows how the situation looks like.

Koeman: That’s better without Messi

In addition, Koeman showed great understanding of the radical upheaval that the Catalans had to perform this summer. He has agreed to several players’ sales. Also from the tear-rich farewell to club icon Lionel Messi, whose contract could not be extended due to the high debt mountains of the Bluegranana, Koeman moved positive aspects.

There are things in the game against the ball we can improve as a team. We can not rely on the individual quality of Leo, but in the pressing, the team is better now, he said.

Messi farewell: Has took a few days to get up again

Of course, Messis can be taken on the light shoulder to Paris Saint-Germain, but Koeman: From the first moment in which we learned the news, it was a real blow for us all. We lose the best player of the World, we lose 30 or more goals per season and many templates, and also that the opponent is scared when he stands in the square

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Since Barca had no other election, the best has been made up of the situation. It took a few days to get up again, but there is no choice when things turn into collectively. The tactic will now be more crucial to get to the number of goals we need, said Koeman.

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