Christensen in Hertha Dress a childhood

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The first touch with his new employer is already 15 years for the new Keeper of the Berliner. On September 28, 2006, the then seven year old Oliver Christensen in the Stadium of Odense BK, to see the Danish first division in the second leg of the first round of the UEFA Cup against Hertha BSC. 2: 2 Both teams had separated in the first leg in the Berlin Olympiastadion, the 1-0 success of the Danes in the second leg meant the early for Hertha. In the midfield of the Berliner, a certain Kevin-Prince Boateng and a certain Pal Dardai played. The latter is today Christensen’s new coach, Boateng now now his teammate. And his current co-trainer Andreas Zeich Neuendorf was already there at that time: as a substitute.

Offer also from the HSV

Of course, Christensen had not yet been an idea 15 years ago that one day he would wear the Hertha dress. The dream of playing in the Bundesliga, the 22-year-old would have been early, as he admitted on Thursday in a media round. I dreamed of it since I was five years old, says Christensen. Since the 26th of August, the 1.90 meter long and 82 kilos of heavy goalkeepers at Hertha under contract (until 2026), also because Rune Jarstein will need some time because of a Covid-19-disease and a subsequent heart muscle inflammation until he again is competitive. Christensen, in turn, has just played in the viewpoint this spring. At the U-21-European U-21 em in Hungary and Slovenia, the blond button showed heavy achievements and made sure that Denmark chooses her group finished the first, marriage in the quarter-finals against the later European champion Germany with 5: 6 in penalties followed. Also there convinced Christensen (Hertha BSC note 2).

At first, the friendly and eloquent young man meanwhile was the focus of Hamburger SV. The HSV wanted me, but the clubs had difficulties to agree, he reported, then came the offer of Hertha, and I did not doubt a second when I signed. He wanted as I said to Germany, so Christensen, that was my priority, because the German goalkeeper school is the best in the world.

Now the keeper, who in November 2020 in the test match Dänemarks against Sweden (2: 0) has completed the only A-country game so far, so in Berlin – and glad about it. Even if the conversion for the christians from the 6000-inhabitant town of Kerteminde (18 kilometers east of Odense) is considerable to the dimensions of his new adopted home. Berlin has almost the size of Denmark, he says laughing, and the traffic is crazy.

It is very good for the competition to have strong competitors. You have to stay awake and keen.

Oliver Christensen

A changeover means for him also the training under Herthas Torwartcoach Andreas Menger. We train more and harder than in Denmark. I had heard of it, so that did not totally surprise me. But you really know how to trains how trained, if you experience it on your own body, he says, I have a bit Muscle cat in the legs. But I like to train hard. He is not very important by his new colleagues Alexander Schwolow, Nils-Jonathan Körber and Marcel Lotka. The level is as high as I expected, he says, It’s very good for the competition to have strong competitors. You have to stay awake and keen.

Although Christians amend the self-confidence in addition to friendliness and convenience, one hears no full-bodied announcements in the direction of Punktplatz. He has no schedule until when he wants to be the number 1, the new man assures the new man, sometimes you have to wait, that’s okay for me, I’m patient. I got debuted in the national team, because four keepers could not play, and I also gave my debut for Odense because a goalkeeper has become ill. Sometimes things happen to happen. He came to learn and become more complete . Of course, as well as to deny games .

Christensen hopes for squad in Bochum

Whether he is already counting on Sunday in the away game of the Berliner at VfL Bochum (5:30 pm, live! On Hertha BSC) to the squad, is still open. I hope I can go to Bochum, says Hertha’s new number 32, and if not, I work here in Berlin, I’m ready.

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