NVIDIA Will graphics cards be more expensive soon

A bad news for PC players: The graphics card bottleneck could aggravate even further. In China, prices rise rising again. Now it is probably just a matter of time until it’s time with us.

Message from China: Nvidia graphics cards soon cost more

The hardware crisis accompanies both the gaming and technology industry for almost a year – and yet no end is still in sight. The opposite could even be the case if you throw a look at the current situation in China.

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New reports suggest that the availability of NVIDIA graphics cards go back sharply in September. Compared to August, one calculates with a decline of rigid 30 percent in the RTX 3000 cards . Above all, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 should be strongly impaired by the delivery difficulties. (Source: VideoCardz)

The reduced range of graphics cards is expected to have a negative impact on pricing: depending on the model, a price increase between 15 and 92 US dollars is expected. Especially Asus and graphicsbyte should dramatically attract the prices in China.

What otherwise important in the gaming and technology world is passed, we explain to you briefly and just under the graphics HEADLINES:

Extractive graphics cards: soon with us?

The delivery difficulties in China are currently not affecting prices in Germany, but this should only be a matter of time.

This is especially annoying, as the prices of the NVIDIA models in recent months made a slight downward trend with us. First forecasts even talked about the end of the year could buy the RTX 3000 cards regularly to the EIA .


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Robert Kohlick

Whether this is still realistic after the message from China remains to be seen. In addition, it remains open whether the delivery difficulties in the near future also affect AMD. graphics keeps you up to date.

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