Laporta talks Koeman too much

This is what Ronald Koeman said One Year Ago about Barcelona!
You might think they want to make life even a little harder in Barcelona. Ironically, the main managers are responsible for this: President Joan Laporta and coach Ronald Koeman ensure restlessness and irritation with their statements.

From the beginning, their ratio was burdened, because Laporta was simply not the favor of the Dutchman to clearly position themselves in March 2021 to Koeman’s future. I admit that I was angry and injured. I found that it lacked his respect, said the Dutch in the interview with the Spanish newspaper Sport, but also he was grateful for the backing, which he recently had received. He did well and no doubt left at the coach, that’s exactly how it has to be.

Koeman criticizes Laporta – and praises himself

But so it did not stay, at least not in Koeman’s eyes. Although his relationship with Laporta had improved, but last week he did something, which is not good, Koeman said in an interview with Nos . He has a bit too much talked. You can do that under four eyes. I like it, if the president takes care and asks. But it should not be in the press, that was the problem.

That Laporta has been talking about his contract in a media round over his contract, was unacceptable . He himself is open to a whereabouts. I have a good time here, and thanks to me this club has a future. On Monday Koeman was endeavor to smooth out the waves: the relationship with Laporta is good, and if there is something to talk about, then we talk. The relationship is even perfect, there are no complaints .

He has a sick obsession to see how he can harm Barça and his values.

Laporta About Ligaboss Javier Tebas

But both Koemans and Barça future is unsure not least because of the 1.35 billion euros owe. Also a reason why Luuk de Jong is storming with Lichtblick Memphis Depay, and no longer Antoine Griezmann. Lionel Messi is already gone anyway, which in turn ensures evil blood between Barcelona and the LFP. Ligaboss Javier Tebas most recently nurtured Laporta that this Messi can prevent finish. Laporta countered: He has a sick obsession to see how he can harm Barça and his values. In truth, TeBa’s guilt is guilty of Messis away, because of his excessive zeal and because he deals with the fair play of päpstlich as the Pope .

Depay in top form, even at Oranje – Braithwaite is missing for months

For all the restlessness in the environment Barcelona is athletic but pretty neatly there. From the previous three league (the game scheduled for Saturday at the FC Seville was relocated), the Catalans were seven points, Koeman’s favorite student deepay was already twice successful. The 27-year-old placed his dimension strength in the Dutch national team with a double pack at 4: 0 against Montenegro and three hits at 6: 1 against Turkey.

With Marc-André Ter Stegen, Gerard Piqué, Frenkie de Jong, Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba and Shooting Star Pedri, Barcelona has more exceptional councils in the ranks. While Martin Braithwaite fails because of a knee-op monthly, Ousmane Dembelé and Ansu Fati will also be dazed for short or long. Maybe the team succeeds in pushing the quarrels in the environment by means of a kind of defiance.

Bavaria attacker Thomas Müller is also stretched in front of the duel, but also a bit helpless, as such a Barcelona without Messi works. I have to say honestly: I can not state Barcelona at all, Müller said, I do not know what to expect . At the last game against Barça, he likes to have the best memories. At the 8: 2 victory in the champion League quarter final 2019/20 met Müller twice …

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