Warioware Get it together So you improve your crew

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A sophisticated addition to Warioware: Get it together! Must have to high levels every single character. Well, yes, that sounds like something that can be considered to be considered, but it is not so bad. However, this opens up the possibility of a port for complete.

However, the raining a character in this game does not revolve as he plays. This is a guide that helps you to light characters.

How to improve your crew members in Warioware: Get It Together!

To improve your crew, you have to earn coins. I wrote a guide about different methods earlier to earn coins in the game. Instead of having to grab a certain character due to constant play, use the above coins to issue them in the emporium.

To access the emporium, select Crew in the main menu. This is the option in the middle of the crew menu. Buy to your heart’s content all items you see, especially the sale items.

The better way to get items is about the cluckade. Normally, I strive that the yellow machine issues objects with higher rarity. Objects with higher rarity tend to increase characters much faster due to their value. Collect tons of articles from these purchases and then make your way to the break room.

Here you will find the entire crew from Level 1. Select any crew member individually and give it Prezzies . These prezzies are the objects they bought in the department store. Here it can be quite complicated: Prezzies have different values ​​for each character. They are unique items and have different gunstgrade, depending on what they mean for a character.

The Crew 2:

For example, this red gemstone of Wario shown on the screenshot is very preferred because he is a man with an expensive taste. He loves money and exquisite treasures. He would not like to like things with little value. Even if you give a character for the first time a specific object, it reacts on a scale of Eh to Like .

The higher the rarity, the more job points (or experience points) are naturally awarded. However, if a crew member likes a particular object more, the points increase. You may want to know in advance what a character may depend on his personality.

Take another example: Ashley. She likes to eat a lot, so she would like to take any kind of food. Just avoid everything a bit too sweet, it tends to be less enthusiastic about such things.

Also note that these Prezzies can be acquired again. There is also the very helpful Prezzy Stash, which persecutes which items you have previously received and who these objects fallen. Just play around and give the characters the different Prezzies to see who benefits most of these objects!

Warioware: Get it together! is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Do not forget to follow our website on which we will go through further instructions and a review for the game by clicking here.

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