David Wagner talks about discharge at FC Schalke 04

Even though he did not necessarily choose this fate himself, the opponents of David Wagner now mean Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo. And not Karlsruhe and Philipp Hofmann. Almost exactly a year after his release at FC Schalke is the 49-year-old coach of Young Boys Bern and awaits on Tuesday evening (18.45, live! At necessarily choose) manunited in the Champions League group stage.

The long break after that in Gelsenkirchen Wagner has deliberately chosen. I needed distance, he tells in the interview with the Guardian . To be honest, that was not my football. I like emotions, I like atmosphere. And while the corona time it was anything but a pleasure to be in a football stadium.

If you feel that you can not change anything you do, that’s a terrible feeling.


Especially not when, like Wagner and Schalke, 18 Bundesliga games do not win a bit. If I talk about the time on Schalke, you can divide them into two different phases. Phase One was the first round with a later third place. Everything went downhill from there. Yes, I was a part of it. But: Away from the playing field so much has happened. The vortex around Clemens Tönnies, for example. Then Corona came, and we had no money to spend. The fans were not happy.

For Wagner it was many things that I could not influence. And if you feel that you can not change anything you do, that’s a terrible feeling. It does not matter who is at the sideline , You can get who you want: the crash of this club is not to be stopped. He was no longer that despite further coach change.

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Wagner: I wanted to get a stable club

Wagner, on the other hand, took distance and returned to the coach bank in Bern in the summer. I wanted to get a stable club with good people. People you can trust. And if there is the opportunity to play in Europe or win titles, then I was also open to go to a smaller league. Switzerland, Wagner says, develops soccerist, which has been seen at the European Championship. The difference between the best and worst teams is great. But it is a very interesting league with many talents. And on Tuesday, Manunited is waiting for the first big highlight.

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