Eintracht Frankfurt rescues point against Fenerbahce to Var

After a season break, Eintracht Frankfurt was back in the Europa League, but had to do without coach Oliver Glasner on the first matchday, which had to suspend a barrier of UEFA from his Wolfsburg time, because his then team in the Europa League repeated too late from the Cabin on the lawn had come. His co-trainer Michael Angerschmid replaced him on the line.

In the Loge, Glasner saw that his team, in which compared to the 1: 1 against the VFB Stuttgart da Costa played for the struck Lenz and also from Kostic, Jakic and Borré for Hrustic, Hauge and Lindström, but initially had problems with Fenerbahce .

Frankfurt still sleepy, Özil Hellwach

The Turks always switched quickly to the ball profit and have already had to lead through Rossi after two minutes. Özil brought that only a little later: The midfield director was golden as Trapp Rossis shot to the side (10.). However, the gate was given only to VaR commission, as the referee’s gate had first decided on the outside.

The Eintracht needed something to hire the opponent’s game, but with ongoing playing time was always better with the deep graduation and would have already achieved the compensation for a triple opportunity. But both Lammers, as well as Jakic awards within seconds (23rd).

Kostic serves Lammers

Both teams did not give themselves and that’s how great mood went back and forth. At the front, Frankfurt but always made ball losses and therefore had to be particularly vigilant, because Fenerbahce switched on to Ball gain further lightning speed. In this way, the next goal also fell – but for the Eintracht: Jakic sent Kostic to the journey and the outer railway player Lammers in the middle model (41.).

Lammers’ second hit does not count

After the side change Fenerbahce came with neat steam from the cabin, but could not create a really dangerous chance. The Eintracht needed something, but then was once more offensive. Especially due to deep passes should be taken to success and that also worked supposedly, but Lammers second matches did not count because of Kamada’s deadline (60th).

The second pass was no longer the pace of the first section, but it remained an open game at eye level. The guests, where for the final phase still the former Schalker and Cologne Meyer and U-21 European Champion berisha came into the game, moved further further – and the Eintracht ran. Almost Kostic had even achieved the 2: 1, but he failed only at the keeper and then on the defender (75th).

Drama in the final phase

When everything had expected with the final whistle, it became again really dramatic: Trapp brought in the 90th minute to the substitute Pelka’s case, but then parished the penalty, only to fishing the margin of Berisha finally from the net (90. +2). The late K.O. However, the Var who had recognized that Berisha had appeared too early – the hit did not count and it remained at 1: 1 for kick-off.

For Fenerbahce there is a away game at Basaksehir on the program on Sunday. The Europa League continues on Olympiakos Piraeus on September 30th. Parallel, the Hesse at Royal Antwerp FC. In the Bundesliga, Sunday evening (19.30 clock) at leadership VfL Wolfsburg goes into the next round.

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