No differences recognized Glasner reads his own handwriting at Van Bommel s wolves

Oliver Glasner has made Wolfsburg’s new coach Mark van Bommel very simple. At least if you believe Oliver Glasner. Attention to his ex-club he first said: I know the game system, they have a lot maintained from the preseason. Much? According to Glasner, almost everything. Somewhat later he dismissed van Bommel’s tactics, which apparently is Glasners tactics, with surgical precision in their items.

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You have to be van Bommel, who declared himself, he has other ideas as his predecessor, even ask what he has built up, said Glasner. But, that’s how he started: In the game against Lille I did not recognize differences in the behavior. Wolfsburg played in a 4-2-3-1 with engaged wings, used in the game build on triple chain, where Max Arnold had to fall back on a half-position. Everything we have used, which we have already applied so, said Glasner and drove cheerfully. How the wolves acted against the ball from a 4-4-2, which had pushed up outwards and paved the center defenders. I know how they Play, explained Glasner. The subsequent sentence sounded somehow like a self-lob. It gets difficult to crack them because they have very stewed processes.

glassners glass is half full

Since the question arises: Can Glasner overlap his – allegedly own – tactics? So far, his guidelines at New Club Frankfurt were not so good, the Hesse is waiting for the 1-1 against Fenerbahce still on the first mandatory game victory in the current season. Required to the Siegloss series he turned the statistics. Finally, the Einacht yes has been undefeated for four games. I prefer to drink out of the half-finished glass, said Glasner and also reminded of only three goals in the past four games. We are getting more stable in the defensive processes, said the Austrian, who has no sleepless nights .

Hinteregger and Lenz questionable

However, a bottleneck threatens in just that defense. Christoph Lenz had already missed against Fenerbahce, Martin Hinteregger moved into a shoulder blade in the game. The use of the two is possible but the impressions from graduation training on Saturday will decide. Martin is one that bites on his teeth, the leg must already stand up wrong, Glasner said.

A victory at leaders Wolfsburg would of course be worth gold – not only for harmony, but especially for Glasner. He repeated his words from the entitusion speech in Frankfurt, as he emphasized he was Jörg Schmadtke and the VfL Wolfsburg very thankful that they have given me the chance . But it was a special game, he said and mentioned the intense, but successful years at the VfL. He still has to contact Marcel Schäfer, some players and also members from coach and caregiver team.

But not everyone will fall to him on the return around the neck. The relationship with Jörg Schmadtke reached in the meantime freezing temperature, Josha Guilavogui explained after the sayewell of the coach, he was glad that Glasner is gone. Guilavoguis billing was also provided by Instagram by Daniel Ginczek and Koen Castels with a like .

Before the VfL keeper, Glasner’s team not stand for five or six times alone, but maybe two or three times . As he can provide for this, Glasner is likely to know how I said best …

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