SC Freiburg Prank apologizes in Mainz to Europapokal

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Christian Streich has criticized after the 0-0 at FSV Mainz 05 with remarkable words themselves to have explained the zero-fiver in advance to the European Cocal candidate.

This fucking now to talk about the in the fifth match day about the European Cup. What awesome had excited me if that had come from somewhere. That s exactly what I did, said the coach of the SC Freiburg after the zero number.

He had severely annoyed the last two days, said prank at the press conference after the game. The Mainz could use everything, but not such a stuff from another coach who has not thought enough and let him get too much nonsense, said the coach of the Breisgauer and supplemented: I would like to apologize to all Mainzers

On Thursday, prank had praised the Mainz in the highest sounds for the strong appearances since the city s office of coach Bo Svensson. He told before the season that they will play around the European Cup, said prank before the game.

Svensson reacted. Do not worry, Christian. I suppose the apology, said the Dane smirking. He has the words actually perceived as Christian thought it was. He just wanted to praise for the great season. That was respect from his side.

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