Cacao Games CGV Odin popcorn combo set

Cacao Games is partnered on the 17th, CGV, and the popcorn combo set of ‘Odin: Balla Rising (Odin)’ is released.

The ‘Odin popcorn combo set’ is sold for about 116 CGVs from 116 CGVs to Oct. 16. The set is only available for a total of 10,000 quantities, and is composed of popcorn, two carbonated beverages, snacks and the like. Delivery orders can also be ordered through packaging orders and ‘the ethnicity of delivery’, ‘Yogi’, and ‘Kupang Yu’.

Users who purchased a combo set are Collector Al Selection Boxes , ‘Collector’s Spring Box’, ‘Mid-Hyung-seok’, ‘Weapon Kanghwa’ Items can be received.

Meanwhile, the cross-multi-platform game that can be enjoyed on mobile and PCs, Odin is an open world, which can enjoy without lodging the best graphics, the world view of the Nordic Xinhua, There is a ranking of two consecutive market sales ranking.

For more information on ‘Odin popcorn combo set’ purchase and delivery, see the ‘Event Page’ in the CGV Official Homepage.

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