Glasner s fight against the vicious circle

The Glogn (Romansh, German: Glenner) is a whitewater river in Graubünden. Glenner was additionally the name of a district around, which was linked by Surselva District in 2001.
The river rises near the border with Ticino and is bordered by as much as 3100m high hills. The river flows with the Lumnezia. In Suraua, the Vals Rhine flows right into the Glogn. After a couple of more kilometers, the Glogn moves into the Vorderrhein at Ilanz. In the top reaches of the river has actually reduced a deep canyon, which has revealed black shale in a few locations. During the snow melt and after rains the river water is typically dark gray.

That his team will finally win Must on Saturday against Cologne, Oliver Glasner does not confirm for demand as expected. Better the football teacher so: Of course we really want to win and will put everything on it – as in the last games too.

But Glasner does not make a secret of the fact that the balance of seven compulsory parts without victory now represents a mental stress: The players really want, but we have lost the looseness offensively, and therefore it comes to inaccuracies and misjudgments. Which means: biasing success experiences lead to cramp – which makes the success in turn a piece of improbable. If you want: a vicious circle, the Glasner and his professionals must break through as soon as possible.

An exam for me not to overwhelm players

A special challenge for the coach, as this unpassies admits: Patience is not belonging to my properties. This is now a certain exam for me not to overwrite the players. Finally, Filip Kostic & Co. should act intuitively. It s best, said Glasner, it always runs when players can not think anymore.

But the Eintracht in the 4-2-3-1 system introduced under the new coach has not yet been found. Again and again, Glasner interrupts the training sessions to give solutions to his protégés: It is generally so that I explain a lot. I will never be completely satisfied. We want to be offensively in a good graduation, a good room layout. The needs of a certain coaching At the same time, the team challenges from the head. Why Glasner knows: It s a spag, we can not give too much input at this stage. The most recent duel in Wolfsburg has therefore been dispensed with a video analysis of the opponent. In training on Thursday, many extra exercises stood with goal terminals on the plan, to promote the self-image, reports Glasner.

Bang for Lindström after pressing with Ndicka

At the end, however, everything goes beyond confirmed in Frankfurt for a confirmation of the ancient trough: for victories there is no replacement. At the next attempt to Cologne, Glasner could set to Fenerbahce and Wolfsburg (1: 1 each) for the third time in a row on the same start. While left-back Christopher Lenz fails to the country break, his deputy Erik Dorm continues to be available. Dorm had ended the unit prematurely on Wednesday with light knee problems, but gave the green light on Thursday.

In question, only Jesper Lindström is out of the last cadded squad. The attacker had to stop training on Thursday after a violent pressing blow (Glasner) with Evan Ndicka.

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