Graphics Card Price Development Why prices continue to rise

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Low number of models

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Particularly placative is a comparison of the situation at the sender Mindfactory. Thus, the well-known Twitter users Techepiphany writes that Mindfactory was able to offer the 200 available graphics card models in the shop two years ago. Currently there are only 13 Next gene cards, but it is striking how many old cards are already coming to the first ten places.

It could of course be that the sender offers generally fewer models than last year, but given the broad price and availability problem, this is unlikely. Not without reason, Saturn Cologne, Nvidia and the partners caught around 1,000 virtual gamescom cards. This is reality in 2021. Overall, a praising action, seen throughout Germany but unfortunately with manageable benefits.

Steady price increase

Since August, prices at AMD and Nvidia have been rising – and at AMD, this tendency will be reinforced in September. A Radeon RX 6600 XT should actually have an EIA of 379 euros – with luck you get one from 570 euros (that would be a 50-percent extra charge). It is much worse with the Radeon RX 6700 XT, which should actually start at 479 euros, but rather start at 850 euros (+77 percent). RX 6800 (XT) is generally suffering from a very weak quotation situation. For the RX 6900 XT at least 1,300 euros are due (the EIA equals 999 euros).

Hope for AMD?

At the starting position in end customer market, current statements by AMD are only heavily in the picture. Already at the end of July, they proudly proclaimed that there is progress in the supply chain in each quarter despite the global restrictions. And in the second half of the year, one would like to continue to make additional deliveries in each quarter, which leads to the increase of our forecast for the entire year . AMD-CFO Devinder Kumar reaffirmed these statements and assumes that the situation will improve not too distant future .

Kumar literally: As the realization has enforced that there is a real demand and that customers demand the technology and products in particular where the products are competitive, the situation will continue to improve, and from our point of view Further improving the supply situation until 2022 if we consider all partners . Say: AMD expects improvements this year – the question is just when the turbo is finally ignited for better graphics card prices.

In China, it s close …

In any case, the current situation in China talks against this optimistic forecast. There are currently less graphics cards delivered, and that increases prices. Also in this country the impact should have. Affected are currently above all graphics cards from NVIDIA, but a worse supply situation could also affect the offer of AMD.

A speedy improvement is obviously not in sight. On the contrary: In the next few weeks, the situation should even worse. Whether the increased prices will affect in this country, is not sure to say, but probably probably. If fewer models are now delivered in China, then the deliveries to Europe are likely to be smaller in the near future and thus cut the offer here.

Price history RTX 3090

This also speaks a strong price increase at the RTX 3090: This has been significantly more expensive lately. That in turn creates space for price increases in the underlying models, which could lead to a renewed increase in the graphics card market. Whether and when the situation is relaxed, is not known. In view of the approaching Christmas business, however, it can not be assumed that graphics cards will be affordable in the near future.

So buy?

So there is still no light at the end of the tunnel. Summer is coming soon, we ll be coming soon again and more at gambling! So what do? Sure, if you have a card for Gaming, you can easily expose the current crisis. Who buys nothing, saves most.

But no gaming PC is not a solution. Therefore, it is not the most unerring tip to simply bite into the acidic apple and to complain now before the graphics cards are even more expensive over the next few months.
So you have no graphics card and do not necessarily want to scroll down four-digit, we simply recommend a beginner to mid-range model. Of course, the thickness are overpriced, but 600 euros for a RX 6600XT just do not hurt as much as a proud 2,500 euros for an RTX 3090.

The graphics cards of the current generation are quite expensive, but it s also worth a look at older cards. The RTX 2060 for example, there are already about 500 euros. Older AMD cards are not worthwhile. The RX 5500 XT about it costs as much as a faster and newer RX 6600 XT. To home page The links marked with are affiliate links. Affiliate links are no ads because we are independent in the search and selection of the presented products. For product sales, we receive a small commission, with which we partially finance the free content of the website.

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