Bierhoff cares about the quality of football

From the national team Oliver Hartmann, Sebastian Wolff and Matthias Dersch

The 53-year-old masters the game with the pictures. Almost a year ago, Bierhoff had made a comparison, life in the national team and drummerum came to him like under a dark cloud. Well, he says, I feel that this cloud has disappeared. Nobody drags more a packet with him, one feels the joy and faith. And that is certainly a merit of Hansi and his team. Of course, it is also that an atmospheric high is not the main feature of the era to flick.

We want to go back to the world top, says Bierhoff and therefore clearly places against the World Cup qualification double pack against Romania and in Northern Macedonia: It counts every game, each result. It is now to put continuity on the day and the positive To continue trend. That s exactly what he has missed painfully at the end of the Löw era. We also had good starting positions in the past. For example, before the Nations League Final in Spain, which gave Germany as a group player and ended with a disastrous 0: 6; Or in the current qualifier, which was still started sovereign under the flick predecessor with two starting, marriage the 1: 2 home plaintiff against Nordmasedonia led that the new coach had taken his team in third place of group J.

Since September, the DFB selection leads the group again, Bierhoff does not look at her at the destination. I see a high quality, a great competition. But it is important to confirm these first impressions now.

Bierhoff It should not go to revenue maximization

Far from the daily business Bierhoff announced his thoughts on the entire development in football on Wednesday. Especially in relation to the ever-breeding schedule and the four June games in Nations League. Thomas Müller had been surprised at the press conference on the day before the message ( I thought, in June I would have free … ), now Bierhoff basically says: It should not go first and foremost about revenue maximization, but for quality assurance. And that s exactly what he looks at risk when the players would be hunted by even more games, such as a World Cup in the two-year rhythm. We should make sure that we protect the quality of football and the health of the players.

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