Corrections with Brisance Ethicists fight back DFB reacts

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The DFB had published an opinion on the DFB ethics commission last Thursday afternoon. The day before Dr. Irina Kummert has been elected to the top of the Commission. Thereafter, the other members, the fraud investigator Dr. Birgit Galley, the theologian Dr. H.C. Nikolaus Schneider and the lawyer Bernd Knobloch, which returns the panel after the death of SPD politicians Thomas Oppermann Interim Advisory Board. Knobloch spoke of a disassembly, tailor of how a chess piece has been pushed back and forth. A sports policy balancing game at a time, since the ethicists were more demanded than ever. And with an incident concerning Dr. Rainer Koch, once again interim boss of the bandage in Tandem with Peter Peters, dealt with the multifunctional. This was strongly reminiscent of FIFA, where the Ethiker 2017 was no longer choosed when she threatening President Gianni Infantino. The DFB writes: There is neither a temporal yet in terms of content related to the ethics committee.

And he still writes much more, for example, that Knobloch had never been chairman or boss of the ethics committee: He was not promised that he would take this position. What Galley, Knobloch and Schneider evidently see otherwise. The association presentation contradict the minutes of a session of the body with the Presidential Committee of 11 December 2020. The procedure regarding the succession of Mr. Oppermann was discussed. It was agreed that Mr. Knobloch should be chaired by the Ethics Commission for the time being. The Bureau must But still literally decide, says it loud the trio in it. The formal decision was also prospect.

Knobloch went from a purely formal confirmation

But that s not happening. Rather, the DFB-Bureau took the vote on the chairmanship in March by the agenda to bring it back to the agenda last Wednesday. Kummert, Knobloch and Schneider expressed interest in the chair, Knobloch got out of a purely formal confirmation. The lawyer decreased. And now it depends on details. The DFB claims: To prepare the decision, the members of the ethics commission was queried who should be elected chairman after their presentation. The trio withdrawn, on the other hand, leads: It is correct that there was a query after the readiness for the candidacy chaired by the Ethics Commission at all members of the Commission. But she was not associated with the question, who elected chairman after their idea should, as it is called in the explanation of the DFB. It is a fine difference whether someone is asked for his opinion, who is the right one for an office, or whether he is ready for a office to run for a office. Galley, Schneider and Knobloch spaces at the same time: It is right but that the attempt of agreement has failed to only one candidacy in the commission.

On May 3, the DFB Sports Court introduced the procedure

From this, the DFB makes an disagreement within the Commission , which is why we had to be expected to be withdrawn from commission members anyway – regardless of how the vote would go out . What the former body members comment on this way: The disagreement is shown within the Commission. Accordingly, Galley already has the head of the DFB Legal Department on 9 June, Dr. Jörg English, informed of not available at a Commission Chairman Kummert. It justified their decision with the necessary high degree of legal expertise, negotiating skills and liabilities for the Office of a Chairman of an Ethics Commission of the DFB, which they saw at the available candidates exclusively at the Nikolaus Schneider or Bernd Knobloch, which is also available to choice, But expressly not Kummert.

Even Knobloch had announced his retreat in the case of a non-confirmation of his interim presiding. In fact, with 7: 5, the DFB Presidium voted for Kummert. A role also played a supposedly running procedure against Knobloch – whether this is still pending or no longer, had not been able to clarify the final on Wednesday, the DFB representation was, for example, in the Süddeutsche Zeitung , for example. But already on May 3, the specially entrusted DFB Sports Court introduced the procedure. Treasurer Dr. Stephan Osnaberges, also members of the Bureau, has been informed by the office of the Ethics Commission on 12 May 2021 on the exit of the procedure, writes the trio. If that s true, would that be the most explosive and brawl the question: Why did not Osnaberges not informed his Bureau colleagues?

Osnaberges contradicts

The treasurer, however, contradicts this presentation. At that time, the sports court only declared himself as not responsible. And on Tuesday afternoon, the DFB Sports Court also responded to his chairman, Hans E. Lorenz, who announced: At present, a procedure against Mr. Knobloch before the Sports Court is pending. A decision has not yet been made. It will be in progress to do the next weeks.

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