Destiny 2 Nerft His Best Exotic is the VEX mythoclast in the end

Somehow, some players have already guessed Indestiny 2 and since today we have certainty. One of the rarest and most effective exotics, the VEX mythoclast, gets the expected nerf.

Since the return of the RAIDs glass chamber and the last buff, the Exotic is a discussion topic in the Destiny 2 community. First, in Season 14, too weak was to be considered as proverbial carrot before the nose . Nobody wanted to chase.

Then the exotic was improved in a relatively short time of bungie. After the buff, the risen legend from Destiny 1 was the top choice both in the PVE and in the PVP. At least for the players who are the rarest weapon in Destiny 2 at all. Apparently a good choice in the eyes of bungie.

Bungie has officially announced the Nerf

The Destiny 2-community manager DMG04 communicated to Twitter that Bungie finds the Vex mythoclast a bit too hot . It is clear that Bungie is also not satisfied with the current superiority of the Vex mythoclast.

When should the Vex patch come? The patch for the Vex mythoclast is dated on the 7th of December 2021, suitable for the 30th birthday update. As long as players can still enjoy the superiority of Vex Mythoclast.

Bungie Balance philosophy has changed: In the first years of Destiny, Bungie wanted to still want a lively game where every season is at least a mighty weapon. Meanwhile, the balance is much more important.

However, a RAID exotic should still feel strong, but not dominate the game to large parts. However, if matching counter-weapons are missing, this disturbs significantly. Especially in the PVP.

That s why VEX Mythoclast is too strong:

The exotic fusion gun is playing like an automatic rifle and has infinitely ammo.
The buff on range and stability ensured that the VEX wets everything with few shots.
If you have collected kills, activates temporal chencer and gives even more power.
Particle design , the current Season mod, additionally ensures a staggered damage increase.
You can also use them as a sniper rifle, which covers the ranging.

It is the most deadly weapon in the trials: If you look at the VEX Mythoclast alone in the last trial statistics almost every week built 6% of all kills – twice as much as all other weapons – though they are so rare is. This shows: The weapon is currently really too strong and disturbs the balance.

Does the rarest exotic now become useless?

The community manager emphasized one thing in his tweet especially. The goal of the upcoming patch for the VEX mythoclast will not be to break it to nopes. She just can not remain so powerful as it is currently. Many also welcome the decision. Finally, it was not quite unexpected, especially since the Vex is much to be present everywhere. Receivables for a Nerf were therefore already a big topic at the beginning of Season 15.

Nevertheless, the players fear, Bungie will make the rare exotic with adaptation again useless. You want the weapon to be generated only in the PVP.

In the current RedDit contribution, the players are airing:

Zoompooky: My prediction is that it dusted in everyone s tresor from December 8th.
Weiden81: Oh yes, I love it when a weapon is being built before I can use it.
Sigmawind231: Another gun that is murdered because of PVP damn.
Held -555: My favorite weapon in Destiny gets the ax.

Still is not known what Bungie is changing: Bungie wants to announce more details at a later date. Destiny 2 has rarely had a good hand in Waffen-Nerfs. Came a Nerf meant that meant that the weapon was no longer useful. And for the Vex mythoclast it would be the second end of a legend.

But players can almost assume that the VEX mythoclast will not be too bad from December. The developers have become better, which is aware and above all gradual balance changes. She probably will not become so bad as before her necessary rework in Season 14. There she was already in a state by making no one voluntarily using.

What will happen in December 2021?

The Insta-Kill capability of the hunter – the splinter jump – will be generated hard in December. This has betrayed Game Designer Kevin Yanes and is thus indirectly addressed a bet of Twitch Streamer Datto.

All this is part of the plan of Bungie to move the Meta in Destiny 2 again in the direction of Gunplay. Whether this succeeds in the upcoming adjustments will soon be able to try the players themselves.

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What do you personally say about the Nerf of Vex Mythoclast? If you agree or says a RAID exotic needs to be overpowering and it s ok when players can easily pick up everyone with this weapon. Does your bungie think it gets it not to do the weapon completely?

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