A boost for the videogame sector in Spain the government prepares several economic aid

The videogame sector in Spain is more alive than ever, a fact that will be reiterated even more with the different aids that will provide the government to the sector. In this sense, the general budgets of the State are preparing an ideal 2022 for the world of video game, since they will be invested 8 million euros throughout the year with the aim of promoting the talent of the Spanish industry. An amount that adds to other initiatives from both the government and other institutions.

This has been decided in recent conclusions around State Budgets of the State , as has also shared the Spanish videogame association (AEVI) on its website. Under a plan that bears the name of Spain, Audiovisual Hub of Europe , it is intended to convert the country into a reference destination in the production of audiovisual content and, therefore, in the creation of video games .

It is a great opportunity to give the final impulse to a creative and innovative Industry General Director of AEVI beyond the 8 million euros already mentioned, the Spanish Government also has a second line in which it will be attempted to encourage The internationalization of the videogame sector through an investment of 850,000 euros EN 2022 and a similar amount for the year 2023. In this sense, the Director General of AEVI, José María Moreno, considers that the Government Initiative It is a great opportunity to give the definitive impulse to a creative and innovative industry that is already one of the economic engines of the country.

This adds to the initiatives of other entities such as the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) that intends to invest 430,000 euros EN 2022 to support international events from the videogame sector. And, to end, the Spanish industry will also be promoted with the collaboration of the IberMedia program, which will contribute approximately 1 million euros in 2022 to strengthen the strategic role of Spain in the Ibero-American region.

Therefore, it looks like 2022 will be a positive year for the videogame sector in Spain, where they have left high relevance titles as Blasphemous, Yuppie Psycho, Metroid Dread or Rime. In addition, these amounts focused on the Spanish industry are added to the recent news that Spain prepares a cultural bonus of 400 euros for young people who will allow the purchase of videogames, among other things. In summary, a set of novelties that demonstrate the importance of the medium in the country.

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