NBA 2K20 contains literal casino games

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The question of gambling in video games is at the center of industry concerns in recent years. A multitude of criticism condemned the practice of booty boxes . People who criticized booty boxes assimilated them to a form of play. Some countries and some states of America went to completely prohibit them. However, NBA 2K has not received the memo and has just doubled the number of microtransactions and other rejected practices. This year, in NBA 2K20, players will be able to use the actual slot machines.

The most subtle approach is not exactly the 2K20 NBA that has added casino games to their MyTeam mode. Myteam is a game mode that allows players to train the team of their dreams for the acquisition of some maps of a player of the NBA. Each of these cards has a combination with different attributes. These cards are obtained in different ways. The online market is the most remarkable method. This is where players can try to sell their cards on the online market. Other real people will then make auction on the card with the currency at stake.

2K as a franchise faced a ton of counterparts because of this kind of business practices. But that did not stop them at all. Fans of 2K could complain or make negative remarks, but they will still buy the game. And it s because there is no other option. There is no other viable basketball video game. NBA Live, the EA basketball series is mainly a typing line at this point.

It will be interesting to see the impact of these Casino type additions on the debate on video games and games of chance.


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