Far Cry 6 at the original PlayStation makes Giancarlo Esposito even more fearsome

The world of videogames is increasingly unlikely, but the community continues to enjoy curiosities that take us out a smirk from time to time. The adaptation of videogames today to ancient graphics is not something new, and we even have Fans of Bloodborne by carrying out a playable Demice of the title of fromSoftware.

On this occasion, it is Far Cry 6 that has been affected by the transformation. The YouTube Jackarte user has modified the graphics of the original trailer of the title of Ubisoft , which allows us to ask us to the idea of ​​ How to be Far Cry 6 in the original PlayStation :

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The real models and textures have been replaced by much more basic, chords with the 3D titles that we could play at the time of the first console of Sony . The work is left there, since the audio has also been modified to adapt to the low resolution, with less quality in voices and a strong noise once the music sounds.

Despite the fearsome appearance of him, Anton Castillo, the villain played by Giancarlo Esposito, has not been the most controversial aspect generated around the title, which has even had to deal with Peta s protests. While waiting for an official confirmation of the new mode or independent delivery of the saga, you can consult what the game has seemed to us in our Far Cry 6 analysis.

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