1954 World Champion Horst Eckel in Reha

In geology, geomorphology and physical geography, an Horst refers to a raised compartment. This uprising results from the combination of normal conjugated flaws. A horst is bordered by its geological contrary, that is to say grabens, collapsed ditches.

Return of the Legends
1954 World Champion Horst Eckel (89) has survived a surgery on the hip well and is already in the rehab. We had great fear for dad. That s why we kept the OP secretly, Eckel s daughter Dagmar said the picture newspaper: But it s great to go away. He has put everything well and recovered well on the Bühlerhöhe. Since Franz Beckenbauer has been very used for dad. He s even running again. In September, a broken hip had been detected at the last living football world champion of 1954. Already last December Eckel had suffered several ripping fractures in a fall in the household, a nose and pine cavity break and a concussion.

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