Eintracht Frankfurt with pace

Olympiakos Nicosia (Greek: Ολυμπιακός Λευκωσίας, Olympiakos Lefkosias) is a football club based in Nicosia, Cyprus and competes in the Cypriot First Department. The club was founded in 1931, and also is a founding member of the Cyprus Football Organization. The club shades are black as well as environment-friendly. Olympiakos residence ground is the GSP Stadium, which has a 22,859-seat capability. The group s main nickname is mavroprasini (the green-blacks), and also the club s other nickname is Taktakalas, originated from the area of Nicosia where the club hails from.
Olympiakos Nicosia has won 3 Cypriot First Department Championships, one Cypriot Cup and one Cyprus Super Cup.
In the past the club also had track and area, basketball, volleyball, biking, table tennis, weightlifting and also futsal groups. It likewise in the past had a band, choir as well as camping departments; the latter explaining why the club s badge has an outdoor tents on it.

That could also be a Champions League encounter, Olympiakos plays around this time, actually always in the group stage, Frankfurt s coach Oliver Glasner had said before the game. The mood of the 35,000 spectators would have been worthy of one evening in the premier class.

Nevertheless, Eintracht needed something to come into the game – the first chance of the game was even belonging to the guests by El-Arabi (12th). Compared to 1: 2 against Hertha BSC, Glasner had properly rotated: for Lindström, Lammers, Hauge, Chandler and Ndicka started Paciencia, Borré, Kamada, Toure and Tuta. The SGE found itself in the episode driven by Kostic, always better and had a first grand chance (13th) quickly through Kamada.

Nagelsmann wary of Frankfurt and 'extraordinary' coach Glasner | Bayern Munich-Bundesliga 德甲拜仁 纳格尔斯曼

Borré tests Vaclik

Fortan Frankfurt was the better and, above all, more active team, Olympiakos was deep and reached only in the last third decisive, but usually hidden, so that the offensive efforts of the SGE were first breadless. Nevertheless, Borré could have been able to take a guidance after a Kostic corner, but he failed from five meters by head to Vaclik (23rd).

Time of the penalty

From eleven meters, the striker made it better only two minutes later. After he had been fouled by Cissé, Borré himself turned from the point (25th). The Eintracht seemed to be on course table management, marriage Jakic underlying a hand game in his own penalty area, El Arabi also remained freezing cold (30th) in the execution.

Frankfurt could not be made of this damper but not out of the concept and knew only one direction: Again and again, the attack waves rolled over the extremely active left side towards the gate of the guests. Olympiakos stiffened almost only counterattacks, but he played insufficiently.

Hinteregger to the latte, ture meets

Shortly before the break, ture rewarded with the new leadership hit the high effort of its elf (45. + 3), seconds ago Hinteregger had yet hit the crossbeam by head.

After the Furious End of Half One, Eintracht in the second section initially made a little quieter and waited for what the guests came. And that was not much, because Olympiakos continued to lurked almost without exception on counterattack, but which were not played consistently.

Vaclik Patzt, Kamada uses it

Nevertheless, Frankfurt then pulled the pace again and benefited from a Patzer of Guest Keeper Vaclik, the PaciScia s shot forward and so Kamada prepared the ideal template for the 3: 1 (59.). The Eintracht was now really dark and continued on the accelerator pedal, Paciencia left more good opportunities (63., 74.).

And even defensively, the triple chain was sure about Hasbe, Tuta and Hinteregger, so Olympiakos simply did not critical and above all dangerous in front of Trapp. The last climax at this European Cup evening was the comeback by Sge-Captain Rode in minute 83.

With the 3: 1 Eintracht Frankfurt not only showed the appropriate reaction according to the 1: 2 against Hertha BSC, but also the spreadsheet in group G taken over.

On the weekend it goes for the Eintracht in the Bundesliga on Sunday evening (19.30 clock, live! At Kamada) with the guest match at VFL Bochum. The next appearance in the Europa League rises on 4 November at 18.45 clock – then the Hesse in Piraeus is demanded.

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