Tiny Tina s Wonderlands has a new trailer with his classes world and mechanics in detail

Tina Chiquitina wants to continue giving war. Tiny Tina s Wonderlands , the videogame from the Saga Borderlands announced this past summer, has presented new trailer, where we offer new details of the classes that we will have available, different locations and some spells and mechanics that We can carry out.

In the progress, Gearbox puts the focus on two of the classes that make up part of their character cast. It is about POÑALOMANTE and BRR-Serker , to which we can take a look before the arrival of the title next spring.

The stabbingers can knock down enemies with Stealth Stubborn are Surrents that focus on critical blows with their rotating magic swords. They can disappear among shadows at will, but also exploit the weaknesses of the enemy by throwing him stealthily before he realized what is going to happen.

For its part, the BRR-Serkers fulfill the role of tanks. They have great firepower and have brutal body-to-body attacks that can be combined. They are ideal to reduce distances and bring the battle to close clashes, being always the best candidates to occupy the most advanced lines of the attack.

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In its environments and locations we see from forests to pirate areas Together with these classes, we have been able to learn more about environments and locations, and we see from forests to pirate areas. SUMRAMUNDO will be the classic board that will make the delights of the fans of board games, and we will discover areas such as Solar Oasis or Cascoalegre.

As for the mechanics, the use we make of the spells and body-to-body weapons will be very important. With the left hand we will execute the magic, while on the right we can carry classic firearms to combine attacks. Some spells will be very harmful, while others will grant strategic protection or advantage during the fight.

Tiny Tina s Wonderlands arrives at March 25, 2022 A PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Not long ago we knew that the update to new generation consoles is not going to be free, but in Take-Two are convinced of the success of the Saga and, in fact, Gearbox plans is still focused on expanding with new studies to follow Developing the Borderlands franchise in the future.

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