Duisburg hopes for the turn

About 300 kilometers of travel distance separate Kaiserslautern and Duisburg. But even to the fans unloved kick-off at 19 o clock on Monday evening (live! At Fear), over 1300 pendants of the red devil will make their way to the Ruhrpott. The two performance series of the Palatine – four victories in a row with a third-party third-party level and for 533 minutes without conceding – have sparked enthusiasm in the environment as it did not exist for a long time. If Lautern also lays the fifth threesome, the club would climb to third place and to suit his self-image for the first time. Because only once the FCC ended a match day in his three seasons and the top 3 – but that was not a real statement on the 2nd matchday 2019/20.

Double debut for Schmidt

The MSV wants to prevent this with all means. After the dismissal of Pavel Dotchev, however, Interim Trainer Uwe Schubert could not stop the free fall. Two late heads brought the club in Zwickau recently the third defeat in series. Among Hagen Schmidt everything should change now. The 51-year-old gives his double debut on Monday evening: as a coach of the MSV and at all with his first use on the sideline in the senior sector. So far, he has been exclusively in the junior area, most recently at B-Jugend by Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Fear is a bad partner in football

Schmidt burns on his new task, the responsible persons of the MSV hope that the new man ignites quickly. With a win against Kaiserslautern, Zebras could at least leave the relegation ranks. Schmidt knows about the urgency of his mission, but stresses that successful work can only adjust in the course of a development. The new coach endeavored in the first days of his activity to strengthen the self-confidence of his players. The reason in the current Misere he sees less in the fitness area, but in the minds: Fear is a bad partner in football.

Antwerp warns of negligence in the defensive

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Fear can make a red devil right now – in the positive sense. After all of the four-time German masters in recent years and even at the beginning of this season, partly desastrous football offered, the current success comes surprising at first. But he should not actually do that: coach Marco Antwerp is only the first coach since a felt eternity, who really exhausted the full potential of the squad. For the duel in Duisburg, the 50-year-old gives a clear march route: The focus must now be on the opponent to make it as difficult as possible to come in front of our goal, and not to allow these clear opportunities. Lastly, the louder in this regard showed something careless, the strong final man Matheo Raab kept the white West.

By the way, a victory of the FCK in Duisburg would be a premiere – at least in the 3rd league. In the case of four encounters hitherto, the MSV went twice as a winner of the field, twice ended the game Remis, as last on the 33rd match day of the preseason (2: 2). In total of all mandatory games, the Fritz-Walter club has the nose but quite much front (31 victories, 21 draw, 22 defeats).

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