FC Bayern Joshua Kimmich receives the addition of the AFD

The chairman of the German Ethics Council hopes that Joshua Kimmich is still deciding on a corona vaccine.

The German football international of FC Bayern, who founded his previous rejection with missing long-term studies, was false information. He is very well advised. That s something that has spread now again and it would be great if he is great The platform would have used to get better advised to be a role model in the way, said Alena BuyX at Sky German Presss News HD . Kimmich has a special responsibility

It is Kimmich s personal decision. But the 26-year-old is a role model that would listen to millions of people. It s all about clarifying well that it does not exist this form of long-term effects. That people do not think now because he has care, I have to worry, said Buyx.

It would be desirable if Kimmich advises again and then decides to vaccine. This is not only for him a good thing, but also for his team, his club and ultimately for us all, every vaccine counts, Said Buyx. Kimmich still have an insanely high risk of scaling with the delta variant, and There are professional athletes who have needed months to get fit again.

Stiko boss has concerns back

The chairman of the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko), Thomas Mertens, had Kimmich s concerns about lack of long-term studies in vaccines. Joshua Kimmich is certainly a proven specialized person in questions of football, but no specialist in questions of vaccination and vaccines. Nevertheless, he has a problem expressed a problem with his concerns, which is certainly seen in some people in our society, said Mertens In the interview of the German Press Agency .

When a vaccine is released for human use, it gives accompanying studies that exactly examined whether it could come to the application to serious side effects, Mertens replied. It is important to remember that seven billion doses have been spotted in people with Covid-19 vaccine, he said. That there can be no ten-year observation studies when using a vaccine for almost a year is clear. But not only for every other vaccine, which is re-applied, but also for every new drug.

25 questions for a contract until 2025 - Q&A with Joshua Kimmich

In addition to the approval studies, we know from the accompanying studies that it has only come to some side effects, which have occurred all right short time after vaccination, said the Stiko boss. In science, one agreed that late-occurring side effects after vaccination were not occurring, or an extremely rare rarity in individual vaccines.

AFD supports Kimmich statement

Because of his skepticism towards Corona vaccinations, Kimmich supports Support of AfD faction leader Alice Weidel.

The decision of the Bayern professionals is his privacy and must be respected, weidel explained. That Mr Kimmich is now ongoing to justify himself for his personal decision, it is covered and reveals a questionable spread of conformist patronage thinking.

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