Guardians of the Galaxy Die Platin

The charters (English freight contract ) is an angizism for the temporary transfer of an object against the payment of a usage fee.

As with every new game, for a group of players is above all one important: how hard is the platinum trophy? This question is now at Guardians of the galaxy on the ground and show you what you need to pay attention to, as easy as possible to get all successes.

This is the trophies list to Guardians of the Galaxy

So the total 59 trophies are divided:

1 platinum
1 gold
3 silver
54 bronze

Then you have to pay attention to the platinum

How long do I need for the platinum trophy? Normally it should take about 20 hours to get the platinum in Guardians of the Galaxy. But you just have to play through the game, use some skills in the fight and do not collect some of all collectibles. But there is the crux on the whole thing.

Chapter election not possible : To get the platinum, you have enough money to collect glossary entries, and find objects and outfits. Normally this would be no problem because there is a chapter chapter. With this you can travel in old chapters after playing through and repeat struggles, but the collection items are not saved.

This will make sure that you find all items at the first run, especially the outfits. Because you have missed one, then you have to start again from the beginning. Fortunately, the items already collected will be transferred to the New Game Plus. Nevertheless, in the worst case, you have to play through the whole game again.

Do not buys any items in chapter 6: At one point in the game you can buy things, but you should save your money for the platinum. From a job, you must have so much money, as you have only possible to get to a trophy that you need to get in another run.

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This week finally the single player adventure with the Guardians of the Galaxy appears. Whether the Marvel team can convince you in the test:

72 4

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Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy in Test: Finally a good superhero game

In the game, you assume the control of the Guardians of the Galaxy as Peter Quill Aka Starlord. The superhero team, which is sometimes a bit chunk, ensures an entertaining action game, which appears from October 26 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. The same day also releases the switch cloud version.

Do you get the platinum in Guardians of the Galaxy?

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