2K Apple Arcade NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition Trailer Video Disclosure

2K released the game play trailer on the Basketball Game NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition, which is scheduled for Apple Arcade dedicated to Apple Arcade.

Through this trailer, you can look at a new game mode and NBA action of NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition.

In the new association mode, the player can compose his own NBA dream team with GM or director of the favorite NBA franchise.

In addition, in online multiplayer mode, it is possible to confront a friend and one to one or 3 to 3 in black top mode.

In my cord, you can start your own NBA journey through special training in a customized coat that matched each player, and start your own NBA journey in your Microori mode, or you can start a quick match with the latest 2021-22 season NBA Roster.

Details such as the mode, function, and supporting language contained in the game are available in the Apple App Store.

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