GTA Online Weekly Update October 28 2021

Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV and GTA 4) is the ninth game of the Grand-Theft Auto Series. The game was developed by the Scottish manufacturer Rockstar North and appeared on April 29, 2008 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The PC version was published on 2 December 2008.
The game is about the protagonist Niko Bellic and his search for a traitor from the war. The plot of action is mainly the city of Liberty City, which represents a satirical New York, as well as the city of Alderney based on New Jersey. GTA IV is a third-person shooter with racing game elements, which follows the Open World Principle, for the first week, six million units of the game were sold, which achieved sales of approximately 500 million dollars. In addition, GTA IV is and, according to the internet rankings, and GTA IV was sold to 2013 over 25 million times.

What are the GTA online weekly bonuses ? Every week Rockstar Games publishes an update for his online sandbox and adds new activities and content for Los Santos. These events usually include GTA $ and RP multipliers for selected modes as well as discounts on vehicles and clothing. There are also regular rewards for playing such as free clothing or money spraying. If you are learning for you how to make money, then these special events can be a solid start. So, as part of our GTA online guide, we will list the latest list GTA online weekly bonuses.

Weekly GTA online bonuses: October 28, 2021

Below is a list of the latest GTA online weekly bonuses. Please note that this article is updated every Thursday to reflect the content plan of the game.

GTA $ – and RP events

Incident | GTA $ | RP | Remarks
— | — | — |-
Halloween bunker series | 3x | 3x | –
extraterrestrial survivors | 2x | 2x | –
Opponent: Come out to play, condemned | 2x | 2x | –
Business Camps | 2x | 2x | –


Reward | Requirement | Remarks
— | — |-
Pirate Outfit | Find seven shipwrecks |

A shipwreck per day

GTA 3 Baseball Racket T-Shirt | Sign up to GTA online | Only available until October 27th
Orange Skull Emission Mask and Street Crimes Red Gangs T-Shirt | Safe Event Freight in Business Battles | Only available until 3 November
Shark Camo paint to Pegassi ToreAdor | Sign up to GTA online | Only available until 3 November

New vehicles


Real estate discounts

Arcades: 40% discount

Weapon discounts


Vehicle rays

MTL Nightmare Cerberus: 50% discount
DECLASS Nightmare Brutus: 50% discount
HVY Nightmare CaraBaum: 50% discount
Imperator of the gloomy nightmare: 50% discount
YEARS Nightmare ZR380: 50% discount
Western Nightmare Deathbike: 50% discount
DDC track: 35% discount
Pfister Growler: 30% reduced

Lucky Wheel Podium Vehicle

Albany Lurcher

Price Challenge

Follow Tailgather S: Finish four times in succession the 1st or 2nd place in the Street Race Series

PS More

1,000,000 GTA $ per month to March 2022


Further information can be found in our GTA online guide, including Best cars and vehicles for sale and How to make money.

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