Cherry developer new work focuses on battle system very different

Statue Valley> Shared the identity and detail of the new work through the dedicated blog of Eric Baron, which is a new developer on the stoodle, Hunted Showcolates.

On October 8, the Blog disclosed the trailer of the first game for the first time, Baron disclosed a lot of fans in the second posting in the second posting of the Star Dew Valley and the difference in the combat system of the new work.

shares similar to Star Death Valley>, but share animations, but will be a change in genre and content. If the focuses on farming and interpersonal relationships, focuses on building materials through combat and producing chocolates.

Furthermore, Eric Baron said that the key gameplay of would have done more on the ARPG.

The ARPG content is partially present in <Star Death Valley. The contents of the contents such as collecting the material and the contents of the mine and purchasing the material and purchasing the ingredients and purchasing the upper equipment,

said Baron explained that it was more focused on fighting. The battle is fun, satisfactory, and making it immersive, making it his aim.

He then answered that he was not to copy the Star Dew Valley, Pasteing. Baron said, I can think so, but the opposite. Including almost all elements of , including combat, we coded from the beginning and painted again. Despite the visual similarity, the two games are fundamentally different.

Baron heard the shield system of the game. In , the user can block the enemy attack with shields, and they can reverse: There was also a system that blocked the State Valley, but Shield or Stern is a new element.

However, this is only one exemplary, and the actual game battle will provide freedom. Baron said, It does not have to fight this way. You can fight in the assault manner, and then you can feel the enemy faster. In addition to shields, there is also an off-hand item that matches a completely different play style.

Meanwhile, Baron will only share the details of the game in the future. The attitude that kept at the time of development. It was because it thinks that the user can feel more fun in the game.

Daily Prospect Notes 6/28

Finally, I revealed his philosophy on the completeness of the game, and Baron finished writing. Baron said, I will not release the game, until I personally satisfied with the fun and charm of the game in every aspect. If you can not reach such a state, you will not be released. However, I have 100% conviction that I can reach, and I worried about it.

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