Kohfeldt s rush tempo but for euphoria it is still too early

Maximilian Artajo (birthed January 28, 1993 in Berlin) is a German synchronizer and star. On top of that, Maximilian Artajo is spokesman of numerous audiobooks and audiences. He is the kid of the cinema supervisor and synchronizer Iris Artajo as well as the sibling of Nicolás Artajo. He is additionally understood under the name Maximilian Kwasniewski-Artajo.

The fans celebrated hilarious, players like Maximilian Arnold or Paulo Otavio picked up their children on the lawn. In the stadium, in which no two weeks ago still we want to fight see was roared by the ranks, a family festival took place on Tuesday evening. Oh, how is that beautiful, the fans cheered, who have loved their team in wind parts again. The key to rapidly restored harmony is no longer visible in the party communities. Florian Kohfeldt retreated after his first game in the Champions League in the catacombs of the Volkswagen Arena filled with 16.112 spectators. That s a victory of the team, I do not want to face myself.

Three basics are back

A team he seems to have steered in just a few days in the right track. With initially simplicating things like intensity, passion, fight readiness. Basics that were lost in predecessor Mark van Bommel. But they are the prerequisite that it continues successfully in the coming weeks. Because footballery, which also showed the game against RB Salzburg (2: 1), the VFL remains much guilty this season. This also recognizes Kohfeldt, the analytical as an eloquent specialist, which succeeds in serving good and less good the game of his team. He makes clear: for euphoria in Wolfsburg it is still too early.

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We should not lie in the bag, the coach asks for a clear look at the events. The defensive has stabilized by changing the basic formation and the step towards the three or fifter chain, the game forward but still has many improvement points. The fundamental way we have played with the ball was still expandable, Kohfeldt put his finger into the wound to go directly to the positive way: Intensity, passion and defending were very good – it can be built on it.

A start is made, the victories in the league against Leverkusen (2: 0) and the first success in the royal class Kohfeldt help convince the team of his plans. The effects are far less dogmatic than predecessors Van Bommel, who had put the ball possession in the foreground of his end only a short VfL time. A coincidence that Wolfsburg was far less on the ball in Leverkusen (34:66 percent) and against Salzburg (42:58) than the opponent? Or is it part of the Kohfeldt idea? A little bit of both, says the coach who has diagnosed problems with his team with the chamber in their own ranks. Inaccuracies in the gradations on the field, ambiguities as the players should move. We do not have this last security yet to play out of a pressing situation with a high probability. Things that have actually been on the training plan since summer.


Everything we do should do with pace.

Florian Kohfeldt

The VfF of the future, which is the unchanged project, should be variant. Pressing, counterpressing and switching football on the one hand, dominance and clarity in possession on the other. I think, says Kohfeldt, that we should be able to operate both. Depending on what the opponent requires. One, underlines the 39-year-old, he always wants to see in any case: Everything we do, we should do with pace. Even if we have ball possession, we should always be looking for tempoaktions. In the event of a hurry, Florian Kohfeldt has already managed to turn the mood. On the ranks and in the team.

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