Nintendo defeats Bowser Although he is not King Koopa he is a pirate and faces five years in prison

Nintendo is known for its veteran franchises, for liking all kinds of players and for showing themselves implacable against piracy. Only in recent times has finished small projects such as Metroid fan art book and with large Internet portals for which it has requested Millionaine Compensations to its responsible.

But if a battle caught our attention, it was the one that delivered against one of the great piracy networks known as Team-Xecuter. Among his alleged members figure Gary Bowser, a surname that begins to be surprisingly common among people linked to Nintendo, but who does not have any relation to the president, Doug Bowser, nor is he accused of kidnapping Peach.

Bowser had his own show before... (King Koopa's Kool Kartoon)

Last year, Nintendo, together with the US government, accused three alleged members of the Team-Xecuter group. Among them was Bowser, that despite the fact that At first he denied the accusations, he has finished declaring guilty, admitting the role of him in the conspiracy. As TorrentFreak has shared, Bowser has accepted to pay four 4.5 million dollars and faces charges involved in a penalty of prison for up to five years.

Gary Bowser has thrown light on the operation of the piracy network Gary Bowser s declaration of guilty has contributed a lot of new information to the case, which has yielded light on the group s operations and the different marks they used. Among the defendants are also Max Louarn and Yuanning Chen. The main objective of the group was sell devices that they serve customers for bypass the protections of Nintendo consoles and be able to use calls ROM. Among its most successful business lines, was one to use custom firmware in Nintendo Switch and have access to Pirate Games. As the agreement points out, the company generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue thanks to the sale of these devices. Team-Xecuter has been a headache for years for Nintendo, but he has finally added another more victory against piracy, in a battle he has delivered again and again in each of his consoles.

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