250 codes for closed beta tests LOST ARK Online

Lost Ark NEW PLAYER GUIDE for CLOSED BETA | How To Level Up Fast & What To Do In-game
Thanks to the kindness of Amazon Games, we have 500 entrances to closed beta tests for you! Today on the page we distribute 250, another portion today / tomorrow on stream on our YouTube channel! The principle is simple, who is first, the better!

Lost Ark is a free MmoarPG action game, currently only available in Korea, Japan and Russia, where it can boast of millions of active players. In Lost Ark players have a chance to visit the extensive and diverse world of Arkesii, and their mission is to find a mythical lost ark to save the kingdom against demonic threat. In the game, we play one of the 14 diverse character classes that offer struggle based on unique skill sets. Players create their own legend, alone or with allies, fighting in dangerous dungeons, sailing ships and even creating their house on the island. Smelegate RPG is one of the most successful developers in the world, whose mother s company is responsible for one of the most popular market games – Crossfire shooter. The title still has about 8 million active players, almost 15 years after the premiere.

After downloading the key, you activate them on the steam! Keys here

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