Harving Schindler For a home game much too passive

FAN coach Robert Klaus admitted after the 1: 2 that he was disappointed, because we have made more. In the sum, the coach saw no good game from us. We did not defend the chances well, though we knew that many long balls come. The pressure of the Bremen became particularly larger in half, and thus it was only a matter of time until one slipped — and therefore we lost in the end.

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The reasons for this did not look at the 36-year-old in the defend, but more on the game with the ball. We had too many ball losses and thus continuous pressure on the defensive chain, the coach of the Franks brought the hustle and bustle of the Nuremberg in the game structure.

We did not hunt through the city in our good phase.

Christian Athenian

The permanent pressure on the defensive chain also meant a lot of opportunities for the Bremen guests. For a long time, the Nuremberg retention of Christian Athenian was able to hold his former in the game, though felt 5,000 flanks were flown around the ears, which we actually defended quite well. But shortly before the end, Welder turned the game by double strike and added the FAN to the third compulsive legislate in a row. Athenian does not want to be unsettled, rather, he rejects that we did not hunt through the city in our good phase, which is why we stay calm now.

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The late counter hit was actually foreseeable

Christopher Schindler also seemed disappointed after the game and found the game very unsatisfactory. For a home game that was far too passive and just not good enough. He also recognized the rising passivity of red-black: Just as we did it, that was actually foreseeable. We have always defended deeper and actually stood too deep in the first half. Finally, the central defender saw the missing Courage as reason why we did not go into the risk.

After all, the Nuremberg actors agreed on the defeat and all of all dissatisfied with the performance against Bremen. Talking about a crisis, would probably be too far, but the three defeats directly in front of the country break should not occupy the FAN in the fight for the upper ranks not too long. The next chance of redress is the away game in Tannhauser on November 19th.

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