The best combinations of civilizations in 2v2 on Age of Empires 4

Discover our guide on the best combinations of civilizations to play online in 2v2 Age of Empires 4. The objective here is to list combo nations with good synergies, to be most effective in combat. If it is possible to find interesting synergy of resources, in particular to counter the randomness resource maps, here we prefer to concentrate on the fight.

You can find our list of the best civilizations tier 1v1 on AOE4.

The best combinations of civilizations in 2v2

Note that this list of the best combinations of civilizations in 2v2 Age of Empires 4 will be updated according to the different patches. We must also take into account that this list is more focused for players to online performance, without being high ELO.

France + Ru s, a combination of rush and mid-game

It begins with a fairly standard combination of the RTS civilization early to rush and protect his teammate with a mid-game civilization to maintain pressure to end the game. The combo therefore illustrates the power of the Ru s early in the game but also the versatility of the two civilizations. In addition, France is the best civilization 1v1, this nation also takes all its interest if his teammate is able to protect him during his moments of weakness, especially in the early game.

Note also that both civilizations are excellent on maritime charts. Thus, this combination is the best of, thanks to its versatility, playability and strength in early-mid game.

  • France, the best nation combo?

So it makes a rather simple and funny idea: if France is the best civilization, so doubling it to create the best duo. This time, the forces of France are, by nature, a good duo as its special units combine well. It is indeed possible to play on the Royal Knights to dominate the opposing duo, while using behind rafters.

In addition, on nautical charts, France has a certain advantage in mid-game, double combo France could easily overwhelm his opponents.

However, it is obvious that a double civilizations limit strategic options, particularly as no two players will be able to truly protect the other early game, a rather low phase France.

English + French, additional enemies?

The French have great riders (via the royal knights), the combo with the English and their archers seems logical. A bit like with Russia, the English bring a boost early in the game to the French, to be able to harass opponents or to protect your ally. But the main asset of this combo is on the following two ages: the French cavalry and British arches allow an extremely powerful and difficult to counter duo for inexperienced players.

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In addition, the two civilizations are quite complementary without being dependent, allowing a player to continue to progress if his teammate suffers in the game.

However, be careful because in the end part, the two nations might be dominated by civilizations such as China and the Holy Roman Empire. Rush aspect being less obvious than the combo Frances, the Anglo-French alliance is somewhat more limited tactically.

Chinese + French, one of the best combinations of mid-late game AoE4

While the first combinations focus on early-mid game appearance to win, it will promote the end of the game (Imperial Age). Again, France proposes its assets including its cavalry and flexibility. However, China is here primarily intended to bring the end of the game as a team thanks to his weapons specific seat. With many improvements to unlock the Imperial Age, the Chinese will take over more limited civilizations, which focus primarily on early-mid.

This time, the main weakness of this combination lies in its early game a little slow, vulnerable to nations like Ru s and the Mongols. But with a good synergy, this combination is one of the best on most maps of Age of Empires IV.

So much for our guide with the best combinations of civilizations for 2v2 online mode of Age of Empires 4. You can find more guides AOE 4 as well as news of the video game on Apatosaurus.

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