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Four new under us roles are now available and mix the game on a surprising and exciting way. Everyone knows crew members and scammers at this time, but now there are different roles for each team. Scammers now have the opportunity to dress up with the new design role as any other crew member, and the crew members have a few new tricks in the form of the roles scientists, engineer and guardian angel in the sleeve. There is a lot of news to learn and there is now a whole new strategy in the game. Here you will learn how to play all four of the new roles among us.

Among Us New Roles Revealed, In Game Store Added and Available Now!

How to play the new roles among us

The new roles among us are enabled by default. This means that you will automatically be assigned one of them when starting a game. However, the original roles CrewMate and Impostor still exist so that they are not guaranteed to land in one of the new roles. However, crew members still have the opportunity to be a scientist, engineer or guardian angel, and scammers can be a sculptor in the end, as long as there is more than one cheater in the game.

However, you can customize the number of any role in the match by changing the role settings. You will find this on the laptop in the lobby before the game where you can customize other game settings such as movement speed and number of fraudsters. There is a new tab with which you can change the number of scientists, engineers, guardian angels, and design converters in their game.


The design converter is a new role for high stackers. You can temporarily dress up as another crew member, so player can suspect other people to distract the attention from the real cheating. However, the imitation of another player leaves evidence so that the crew members can assemble that possibly not everything is as it seems. Crew members can also catch shape transducers on fresher, which is as if one was caught as a normal impostor when draining.


Scientists are a new role for crew members. This role gives the crewmate team more information. Scientists can access vital data at any time and see who just lives. However, you have to do tasks to charge your battery so that a cheater can prevent them from checking vital values ​​if he can prevent them from executing tasks.


Engineer is a new role for crewmates. Bleeding is considered a universal task, but now it s not all black and white. The engineer can use ventilation openings such as a scammer, so crew members can handle each card much faster. You can also surprise a cheater by jumping out of a ventilation opening at the right time.

Guardian Angel

The guardian angel is the third new role added in this update for crew members. It allows a player to lay a shield to the remaining crew members to prevent the cheaters from killing someone. This is a very situation role, but you can save a game if the guardian angel plays his cards correctly. The scammers will not know who is a guardian angel, so it can come to some surprises.

Under us is now available for PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. The game will be published on December 14 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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