Nintendo Switch Online Despite violent criticism continues on the road to success

The Service Nintendo Switch online continues to float on a great wave of success. Above all, the most recent figures published Nintendo as part of the current annual report. Accordingly, the service comes to now 32 million registered users.

This is not only a considerable number for itself, but also means a plus of six million users compared to the previous year. Thus, Nintendo Switch online was able to expand the subscriber level further, which logically rinses a little more money into the cash registers. Only recently there was a tremendous shit storm from the fans, when Nintendo had announced the expansion pack for Nintendo Switch online (we reported). This costs 39.99 euros a year, which many players look very too expensive for the offered content.

Nintendo Switch: Le nouvel abonnement Online est une escroquerie!
Incidentally, Nintendo has announced to continue to work online and expanding Nintendo Switch online. For this purpose, the Japanese manufacturer plans a budget in the amount of up to two billion euros. Concrete details on these plans are not known yet.

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