VfB Stuttgart Return of the BVB

Silas Atom Mumps has since March 2021 no longer denied game for the VfB Stuttgart in the Bundesliga. First, the attacker in the encounter at FC Bayern (0: 4) increased a cruciate ligament tear, then followed by the DFB in the course of the stimulated identity fraud at the same time as a rehab phase by the DFB. Now Atom Mumps finally stands in front of the long coming return — just against the BVB?

The CFB attacker has been in the final features of its construction training for days, has already started working with Ball. Even parts of the team training completed Atom Mumps and thus caused hope for hopeful Maine at the Schnabel denied by the injury speck.

With every workout, he gets a step closer to play again, Stuttgart s longer denied director Sven Distinct is quoted in the kicker. Although the CFB manager also pointed out that the striker still lacks practically any intensity regarding dual-fighting hardness. Nevertheless, Mishit holds a comeback of the player in the next point match for realistic.

Then the VfB Stuttgart at Borussia Dortmund occurs. At BVB, Silas Atom Mumps had finally clamped himself to one of the big through starters on the 11th game day of the preseason.

As a newcomer, the CFB won in the middle of December at the black and yellow sensationally with 5: 1. The consoles contributed two hits in this game as well as an assist and was the all outstanding actor in the Dortmund stadium.

VfB Stuttgart just before the descent zone

Favre’s last match for BVB | Dortmund - VfB Stuttgart | 1-5 | Highlights | Matchday 11 – 2020/21

At this time about one year ago, the game-strong newcomer knocked on even at European business. In the currently difficult second Bundesliga season under Chief Trainer Pelegrín Matarazzo, it is also due to the great injury orders only around the league.

After the last bankruptcies against the direct competitors FC Augsburg (1: 4) and Armenia Bielefeld (0: 1) Stuttgart is only tables-15. With two counters lead to the first relegation place.

Since the in the prospect of the perhaps the most quirky offensive players is right in the CFB squad just right, Atom Mumps brought it to 15 gate participation in his 25 operations in the preseason.

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Should the returnee in the upcoming training sessions quickly get used to the physical hardness in the direct duels, that, according to longer denieds director Distinct could be in ten, 15 minutes in Dortmund.

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