Genshin Impact All about Gorou Skills of the New Character of the Update 2 3

There are few such special dates for Genshin Impact as the presentation of a new version. The announcement of the news, the free protegee codes or the arrival of new characters to our teams is always a very special event. However, this last detail is what is usually robbed protagonism and this time has been done by double starting. We have already met Arawak Into, and now it comes to the other great novelty with respect to the cast of heroes: Good.

Good skills and gameplay

Weapon : bow
Element : GEO
Garza : 4 stars
Expected role : Support (Support)

Known as one of the great resistance leaders of the island of Watatsumi, Good will be incorporated into Genshin Impact as a playable character from the next update 2.3. He will be characterized by the domain of the Geo element and by presenting an interesting mechanics of synergies that will increase both the power of it and that of the rest of the companions according to the number of team members who share this characteristic element.

Basic Attack : Throw a combo up to four blows with the bow of it. Very fast shots like those who usually characterize the archers.
Loaded stroke : tense the bow to load an arrow with which he can point to enemies.
Elementary Skill : Good places a banner of war in front of him that inflicts damage in area and improves the statistics of the active member of the team according to the number of companions of the Geo element he has. With a fellow geography he increases the defense, with two the defense and the resistance to the interruption and with three increases both statistics and adds additional geography damage to the attacks of the active character.
Elementary Rama : He creates an area called The Glory of General that moves around the active character and inflicts damage in area and also provides improvements based on the number of members of the Geo element team.

Genshin Impact - Itto & Gorou Gameplay Skills Showcase - 2.3 Version New Character

Good aims to be a very interesting character in case we want to ride a team around him. The combos of it with Geo element can be extraordinarily powerful accompanied by characters like Noelle, which also use the defensive statistics of it to attack the rivals. Maybe it s something difficult to make it work, but you can make many characters from Genshin Impact take a step forward.

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