Welcome to the Disney Day Premieres and advances from Marvel and Star Wars one month for 1 99 and more surprises

But this is not the only way to celebrate such a special day. That 75% savings during the first month are added more than 50 new content -Some in IMAX-, Special events in Disney World amusement parks and up to the Funk toys. But let s go little by little.

And remember: Disney + agglutinate All historical content of Disney, from great classics such as Snow White and the 7 dwarfs to much more recent productions such as Ray and the last dragon, passing by All Pixar -Full is already playing Review bugs-, All Star Wars -Yes, the three sagas-, Marvel titles -Matches there the cinematographic universe of Marvel (UCM) and adding the last series of exclusive production — hundreds of contents of National Geographic and other hundred and series thanks to the integration of Star Disney + service, more teenage and adult approach.

Oh, of course… there s still more! Those 1.99 euros, which is worth a coffee at the corner bar, can be amortized until the last penny with everything that follows.

All iconography around this character is lovely. The most fraternal archer and avenger returns and does so with a special presentation. In it, we will be shown an episode in the summary key that will revive the most epic hawk eye moments within the UCM. The best way to open mouth and refresh the memory for the next original series of Marvel for Disney +, which is about to land (November 24). Do you notice too much that we are looking forward to seeing the fiction of six episodes that adapts the aesthetics of that great integral coordinated by Matt Fraction and David Aka?

This is something special. Because if there is an iconic character in the Saga Star Wars, with permission from the protagonists, that is the hunter more feared — and dear to the galaxy. A documentary that landed this same Friday 12 before the premiere of the Book of Boba Fett on December 29.

Special Offer | Disney+ Day | Disney+

Also, on the occasion of the Disney + Day. Where? In addition to being able to enjoy free shipping on the Shopdisney for a limited time, you are developed if you like to collect funks. Disney has just put an irresistible offer at your disposal: an exclusive discount of 10% in Disney + products distributed from Funkoeurope.com. The promotion also starts this Friday 12 and will be active until Sunday 14.

That Rocket of Guardians of the Galaxy that is being resisted for a long time, that Baby Yoda de The Mandalorian that you are sure that you will get more of a smile, that Buzz Light year that will accompany you when the Light year animation movie is released the year that comes. You just have to use the coupon disneyplusday and you will see the reduction at the end of the purchase. Take advantage of!

Golden Meets and much more for the more fans and, like every good offer, the icing put it some extras and special content that are like the DLC or seasonal passes of this event.

On the one hand, we have the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that Disney will launch for mobile devices: Digital Golden Statues on some Disney characters, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and the most iconic Simpsons. The collection has already begun, but a special ultra rare digital collectible remains that has not been revealed.

On the other hand, we have several advances and first fruits that we can follow from the company s official networks. Namely: @disneypluses on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, where they just launched their official account. You can also enter the room, a game for the real fans to demonstrate how much you know about Disney +. And believe us when we tell you that you will hook you. What will it be exactly? In identifying at a time of three minutes as many objects as possible, all of them linked to Classics of Worship, Tequilas and Originals of Disney. For each correct answer, you will have a time bonus of 40 to 60 seconds. Do you dare to check how far you arrive?

If you are traveling, and you have some Walt Disney World Resorts and Disneyland Resorts around the world, you also have a prize: users can access from 30 minutes before, immortalize a moment like that in the company of several of the Iconic Disney characters and, if you are in the very Disneyland Paris, you can enjoy a special fireworks event, when the Terror Tower illuminates at night with the blue characteristic of Disney +.

The Disney platform did not incorporate both new content to its catalog from its fusion with Star. And all for 1.99 euros during the first month. This is more Epic than the Epic Mickey. Do you really need more arguments?

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