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Trying to make it as a Foreign Footballer in Germany (Inter Leipzig)
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Is it further or not? The answer is yes, but under stricter conditions. Many corona discussions along with the rapidly increasing infection numbers in recent weeks, most recently caused abundant unrest in Saxon amateur football. After the new Corona Protection Regulation of the Saxon Ministry of the Ministry of State, the Saxon Football Association (SF) and the Minister of State Petra Topping in a conversation last Thursday agreed to continue the game structure, However, only under stricter conditions. Which rules prevail in the coming weeks in Saxon amateur football and what concrete means for the clubs shows the example FC International Leipzig.

2G or not not

2g or not. So easy and ultimately complex is the march route for the coming weeks. All involved, spectators, players, coaches, supervisors and officials — must show a vaccination or genesis, Inter Leipzig tells of the Oberlin home game against SV Blue-White Zomba next Saturday on the club s own website. If you do not have any proof, unfortunately, will not come to the stadium, the club continues to get forward and confesses, gladly to be about it when it comes to the kick-off 90 minutes just to football. Although FCI Managing Director Holder Herbert is insured that one would hold on to all given measures, whether in our sport in the open air really such a big risk of infection exists that one has to access such measures, but the club manager in question.

The fact that not all clubs can take the effort of 2G controls, shows the secondary final of the SachsenCoC cell between the SC Fractal and the Bishopswerder FM 08, which would normally have been held next weekend. Due to the Corona Protection Regulation, after which sporting events only up to ten people are allowed (vaccinated, Jensen and adolescents until the age of 16 are not included in this), and the associated effort in the control of the vaccination or genesis If the BFV 08 was forced to cancel the game at short notice. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the game. Although Freestyle had granted us five unpacked, but who should control that overall really only ten uncovered there are? Bishofswerda President Andreas Batch explains on the club homepage.

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