New Lagranoque IP title to meet in Gravity Gusta 2021

Ragnarök Online (shortened RO) is a large multiplayer online parlor game (MMORPG) originally from Lead Developer Kim Haiku, helping the Gravity Corp. based in South Korea was established. Due to disagreements between him and also the later main financier Samsung, however, he left Gravity, including a big part of the designer group and is presently developing the SMOG Granada España. Gravity Corp. Also after the discontinuation of the agreement with Samsung is now greatly in the hands of the Softbank Group, which at the very same time also the parent firm for zealous, the operator of the Japanese RO variation is.
In the loss of 2004, there was a second server Loki beside the server disorder. On the whole, up to 6,000 gamers dipped into the exact same time. In the loss of 2005 there were 500,000 signed up players in Europe. In Japan, the game currently had actually 500,000 signed up gamers in 2004.
Ragnarök Online was the most preferred video game in Taiwan as well as Thailand and the initial MMORPG game spread in the Philippines.

[Data provided: Gravity]

Pour a hot interest in the maximum number of exhibitions with the quality of the quality

All 4 new titles are available in all! Title video release notice

The largest game show Just 2021 is being pouring hot interest in the largest gravity entries in the past.

Gravity, which focuses on the bushes full of sights and enjoyment, has released the maximum number of exhibit lines and the maximum number of exhibitions with the best quality. Participants also boast large-scale, and the new exact Magi prepared seven titles.

New IP titles are presented through Dual Gustav 2021. , , , (mentation) is its main character.

The Gravity explained that the emotion of for new titles, which utilizes the IP, has explained that it has a different feature that has a different distortion in various areas, including platform, background story, graphics, and content every title.

Fabrykka Memories [since 2012.. to today]

It is the rebellion follow-up of the Ragnarok> Valkyrie in the world view, which is the world view, It is a mobile MMORPG that allows you to feel another fun with the old MMORPG while keeping the baby s play of the existing .

First multi-platform-based transverse scroll MMORPG

It is a transverse scroll MMORPG that can enjoy played with a multi-platform, a lagging play, and a non-rhythm battle, including a multi-platform, transverse scroll play, and non-tacking battle, which is spreading 100 years ago from online stories.

Cinematic NATO Mobile RPG

As the first story mobile game, Based on the online Run mid Garth Worldview of Online Run mid Garth world view, the main character in the real world is a retro emotion, This is a story RPG that you can enjoy.

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New Sensation Monster Battle Arena s invitation (tentative)

A parallel world story of where the soul is sent to the other world by the deadly attack of Moro, Moro, who was adventurous with monsters. Character former, Guild s revival, monster foal, is a Mobile RPG that is a journey to return to the original world.

In addition, NBA official license mobile basketball game , Gravity Japan branch is ready to be prepared in Gravity Games Achievement, and the Milk Maid is also prepared to be released and the existing title, Ragnarök Online, , Online entertainment s is also available through demonstration and video.

Gravity s Gustav 2021 New Exhibit is possible directly from a small gravity booth.

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