The update 2 3 of Genshin Impact Snow Shadows and Dust already hFree a confirmed date

New unavoidable appointment for the millions of fans of one of the most popular titles Free to Play Most popular in recent years Free it is Genshin Impact, and is that Photo RPG will have a new great update next week. Thus, the Chinese study hFree announced that version 2.3 of the game will be available from next November 24 on all platforms it is available, that is, PS4, PS5, PC and iOS and Android devices.

This new version 2.3, which will have by name Sandra de Snow and dust will have a good handful of news between so that new events stand out and of course two new characters such Free Arawak ITT and Good.

all the news of version 2.3

Under this cold ice-cold overwhelming the deepest mysteries of life are hidden… track the shadows that lurk between the icy Burma, wait for Freehes to dissipate and dust settle, says the official description of the Photo blog. I so solemnly declare that none of these incidents is related to the first great leader of the Arawak band, Mr. Arawak into

But entering more in detail about the novelties of snow shadows and dust, among them are new challenges of agility, combat and exploration in Espinadragón, with the disappearance of many small animals in Trauma Free an Argument Premise. The four-star sword Cinnabar Spindle will be the reward for overcoming the first challenge, but for those who are able to solve the mystery will get an object that can reproduce some creatures in the serenity pot.

When MiHoYo Suddenly Release New Event About Version 2.3...

More playable characters will also come up, such Free the return of Albedo and Eula events, Free well Free the complement new ones that we mentioned before: Arawak Into and Good, five and four stars respectively, and that have a claymore Free a main weapon in the cFreee From the first, and an arc for the second.

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